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Once you have your allergies in check and have done an OAT test I would highly recommended getting genetic testing done. It tell you your child’s future risks but it will show issues with their methylation cycle, food intolerances, potential diseases and more. Once you do the test, which is a spit test in a tube for $100, then mail it in, it takes about 4-6 weeks for the analysis. After that you will get raw data results that you can plug into various generators for specific SNP’s details. Once I used was Genetic Genie (see below).

Here is the key:
+/+ homozygous = double mutation of the gene
+/- heterozygous – single mutation of the gene
-/- no mutation

Below Finn’s most problematic (homo) mutations are; VDR, MAO, MTHFR, MTRR, and the hetero’s; BHMT and CBS. Now these are not all of the mutations but it is a wonderful start to begin to understand what issues may lay in the meythlation (detox) cycle. Below the genetic graph see the Methylation cycle and locate these genes in the graph that I mentioned above.

Genetic Results


Meythlation Cycle –

Here you can see that the genes I mentioned above are circled in purple. These are the points at which Finn has mutations in his cycle. We can now begin to see what are issues for him and what supplements and treatments could work. There are issues in several of the “cogs” of the cycle which makes sense as to why he is not operating optimally.The MTHFR below is one “bandaid” we have been working on now for 10+ months with the Mb12 shots (b12 with meythl donor). MTR in green is where the b12 is being made but we have a mutation there as well so our patch at MTHFR is supposed to help to pass over towards SAMe. Our mutation at BHMT which is a shortcut to SAMe (the universal meythl donor) is impaired so some would take TMG and/or DMG at this point, but we don’t because we are already working the b12 pathway with our shots.

We have mutations at CBS which makes sense why our Homocysteine results are low. We also found that we cannot flush Ammonia which means eating many meats can cause us issues which as you can see below also effects our production of Glutathione.

Then there is VDR which I am still learning about how it effects the system. These findings not only better help me understand WHAT things my son (and self) are going through but helps us to figure out HOW to help.

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