A Great Day!

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Day’s like this I feel hopeful. What a roller-coaster, this stress cannot be good for anyone. I have to learn how to deal with it better. Anyhow, so many things went right today, maybe I was thrown a break…

Finn putting his ABC’s Backwards

Right off the bat this morning I did not turn on the tv, nor did Finn beg me to as usual with handing me the remote and tugging on me. Right away he got started in on putting his letters in order, his lovely obsession. Today though as I walked by I saw that he was putting them backwards.  Then later on in the day he is putting them in a vertical arrangement. He is trying new things out which is really great!

ABC's in vertical layout
ABC’s in vertical layout

Our DI came today and yesterday for a make-up session. Finn did not grab at me once. He is getting more comfortable with her and I also think since I haven’t been able to hold him as much lately he knows I can’t pick him up he has been requesting it less. It’s hard to not hold my baby. I hurt my back a week ago lifting him bu I think it may be a blessing in disguise. Since then we moved him from the crib to his floor mattress. I don’t carry him up the stairs anymore, so now he is getting a lot of practice holding my hand up and down the stairs. He seems to be gaining a bit more independence I think. He is climbing on the stool to brush his teeth now too!

The P.E.C.S. cards I made are really doing well. The best for us than anything actually. Finn doesn’t show much care to mimic my words or sign with me despite how much I do it with him. He does however look at the cards I show him and understand them now. On an occasion or two he has handed me a card for a show he wanted to watch. The DI suggested I make more specific cards like play-doh colors and snacks and so on. Even putting them on the fridge closest to where he make request the items.

Playing with Amazing Orange & Tutti-Frutti

Today’s session I brought out the aroma dough I ordered. I needed something gluten-free for Finn to play with. I chucked the salty what play-doh and purchased a starter pack of wonderfully scented gluten free doughs. The smelled so good, I wondered if he may try and eat them but so far so good. I made and apple and banana, then Finn made a carrot all on his own with green and orange. The DI pointed it out and then I knew it was b/c Finn loves Harry The Bunny and I know he knows what a carrot looks like. We played with Lime, Orange, Cherry Cola, Banana, Lemon, Vanilla, and Root beer. I’ll post more on them later…

So at lunch time Finn watched my mouth as I went through Monkey, Dog, Cat, and Horse sounds. He did not look away or loose interest He even chuckled all while looking at me and my eyes. We did itsy bitsy spider, and happy and you know it.   He kept great eye contact! I even got him to bring me a ball today. It took much calling, and repeating until finally, “Finn can I see the ball”, got dwindled down to” Ball? Simple and sweet and he got it.

Dinner was just as good he looked around and looked back at me. Downstairs we put him on the pool table so he could line up the balls and he waited and looked up at me to call out the next number  I love it, it melts my heart this interaction! So I made up a schedule ( I’ll post in downloads) shortly, but I think it helps me feel I’m on task. even if I don’t follow to a T and everyday I at least have a base to refer to. We have been doing our wind down, brush teeth, diaper, brush massage, read book, and bed. He likes the predictability of the schedule I think it is much more calming and creates less anxiety when he knows what is coming next.

Tonight at bedtime he even sat through 3/5 books while on my lap! His concentration is improving! Let’s see what tomorrow brings…



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