A ’round’ up

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So we’re at our 11th round of ALA chelation which seems to be going fine. Last week was out bigger wow as we jumped form 3.3mg to 5mg. Last week Finn waved hi and said Hi (again another bathtime connection)! He started gesturing and that has stuck, unlike most thing she does once and never again! Up, down, turn, and pointing so I’m happy about this leap.

I’m still so desperate for more.

Watching Pooh quietly with daddy.

Tonight Finn is sitting watching the entire Winne the Pooh move without leaving daddy (even if daddy cant seem to keep HIS eyes open lol.

He did a lot of chasing daddy and swinging his favorite.I’m pretty excited about starting school in March. We finally decided to do it I just wish it was a little sooner. There they will work on speech, ot, and even potty training and the like. I believe he will do well I’m just a little heartbroken about sending him away all day and especially leaving him on the bus. I dont want him to feel betrayed when I hand him off to strangers….

For now, we just keep moving forward with ALA and pray for more to come.

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