Oral Chelation Tracking

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ALA/DMSA/Rounds & Reactions
Date: Round #: Time: Notes/Reactions: Dosage/Intervals
10/16/2015 1 72 hrs Was unenergetic. Tired. Couldn’t climb stairs but did do some jumping on trampoline. Tuesday was whiny and crying after lunch and dinner. Thiols from Broccoli soup that day? We think yeast is back weve lost some eye contact and also possibly dealing with parasites flare. Itchy bottom and up at 2:00am. Increasing Candex to 1 pill. 3mg / 3hrs
10/23/2015 2 72 hrs Still no improvements. Was a little less tired this time. We may decrease dose next round. 3mg / 3hrs
10/30/2015 3 72 hrs Nothing major. He did say More and sign a few times for it but this didnt seem like the out of th ordinary “temporay” gains we see. He is doing High Fives now though!!! 2.5mg /3hrs
11/6/2015 4 72 hrs Good eye contact but no words or any other gains. Having difficulty feeding him again have to wrestle for the first bite of things he likes to eat. 2.5mg /3hrs
11/13/2015 5 72 hrs Good round. Was a little better with eating. Second night in we could see for the first time he was actually effected by the ALA He had drunk eyes. We are seeing “Yeasty” behavior; spinning, laughing, stimming. Also he pulled all three of us into the tv room multiple times for us to sit with him and watch him jump or just watch tv with him. Good eye contact. Looking at and for Ean as well when isnt always so forward with Ean. 3.3mg /3hrs
11/27/2015 6 72 hrs Not sure if sulphur foods are problematic. he has CBS mutation (+/-) which could mean he does. Urine does have strong smell, possible ammonia? We had Broccoli, cauliflower, garlic onion soup last night for dinner and it took 1-2 hours to fall asleep (he has been going right down recently) and at 5am dose he was up bouncing. Finn pointed to 4 animals when asked on his barnyard puzzle so we could make sounds rather quickly. This is the most he has done this in a row. Eye contact good. No begging for tv/ipad until at night after dinner. Lots of babbling. Poops are good form, yellowish in morning darker at night but not messy, definitely stinky though. Possible Oxalate dumping with sandy like stools? Does’nt appear tired or lethargic.Later on in the week improved eye contact and interest in commutative play. Bringing me to trampoline to jump. Bringing Ean from piano lesson to watch him jump. Making me build things with objects. 3.3mg /2.5hrs
12/04/2015 7 72 hrs On first day I thought he said You’re welcome (el-come) when I said thank you for him shutting cabinet door. Lot’s of vocal talking, yells and tones in a talking sound. At bedtime he said goodnight (g-nigh). He did not sleep well at all during round or after. Up often bouncing. Yeast has flared up badly with mad laughter in the night. He is making more of an effort to communicate. He put a green crayon on top of brown to show me he wanted me to color green. He will sign more when he wants me to me sign itsy-bitsy spider. Sitting at table to eat meals now. Pointing at screen items, pointed at cat, dog, pig, mouse in song book. He found animals on the barn spin toy as they were called out. 3.3mg /2.5hrs
12/11/2015 8 72 hrs Bumped up. We noticed more babbling. Euphoria came over again at night one of the nights. Smiling and eye contact on round. Eating a bit better now, still for no reason at times turns things away but much better now. He is not sleeping well though. Skipped naps twice this week and late night bouncing and even a middle of night wake to bounce which we haven’t seen in awhile twice after broccoli, but also maybe after nuts. 5mg /2.5hrs
12/18/2015 9 72 hrs I’m still skeptical about where we will be in even 6 months with chelation. Is it just me? My husband sees so much positive and I don’t see much at all. I don’t want to be fooled again. He is smiling and “clapping”: to ask and pointing more. He is doing it very frequently now before he only do it once in awhile. He has gained some strength. Climbing stair and table chairs now. 5mg /2.5hrs
12/25/2015 10 72 hrs This round was a really good one. In this round, Finn started to GESTURES: Arms out to pick him up. Even motion downward towards the floor or to a box to request more apple squeeze packs. He takes his pointer finger and swirls it around to motion he wants the doorknob opened. He open palmed swished around his face for something? SPEECH: In bathtub he held a washcloth. I said ” Where is Finny”? SO he puled over his face and pulled down for peek-a-boo. Then I said “Hi”, then he waved his right arm and twisted his wrist and said “Haaa” 🙂 I cried. Following this in his room we laid him down to dry off and he looked up oddly and still at the ceiling on his back and at me then Ryan and back at me. Babbling and with a look of confusion, amazement, and awareness. It was scary but hypnotizing all at once. I thought he might speak. It was as if he was awakening… It is now Monday and he is still gesturing. He pointed out some animals as I said them so hopefully these behaviors stick. Well see…. 5mg /2.5hrs
1/1/2016 11 69 hrs Continuing to gesture. Pointed in his mouth when it hurt. Still didnt play with kids this weekend, did usual play to himself. 5mg /2.5hrs
1/8/2016 12 69 hrs Not much more change here. Stool s are getting a littler better but also removed chickpeas. 5mg /2.5hrs
1/15/2016 13 69 hrs We had a hiccup in one of the doses and had to adjust to 2.5 hr schedule on last night. All seemed fine though. Finn continues to gesture. We will up to 10mg next week. Finn is spelling again, he spells Bingo and flips the letters over as you go through the song. 5mg /2.5hrs
1/22/2016 14 69 hrs Another hiccup but made the 4 hour cut off Nothing really to report here. He is pointing and gesturing as before. Will double dose to 20 next week. 10mg /2.5hrs
1/29/2016 15 69 hrs Lot’s of sounds, s, t, b. We had speech eval and he did much better even looking at the therapist when she said helicopter and flew it in the air. 🙂 he said ba ba when looking for blanket at evaluation.He seemed tired on Friday, but was fine the rest of the weekend. 20mg/2.5 hrs
2/05/02016 16 69 hrs Sounds like he is saying peppa for Peppa Pig. Not very tired, a bit irritable but we think its from electronics… 25mg/2.5 hrs
2/12/2016 17 69 hrs This week after last week round, very whiny, cranky, and out of character. Clingy and irritable. I did up DMG also added Lactoferrin(contains milk) could that be why? I stopped Lacto on round seems to be better or is that b/c dmg is settling? We were advised the following….

“go back to a 25 – 30 mg dose. I’d give 1/2 a dropper per dose then jumpt o 1 full dropper per dose (2-3 times per day) if you still dont see die off. I wouldnt hesitate to go up to 2 full droppers full 4 times a day if needed before moving on to a different antifungal. Nystatin only works in the gut and dosent do much for systemic yeast.”


2/19/2016 18 69 hrs Backed off to 25mg. Some lazy/tired/moping this weekend especially on Sunday. A burst of crying and irritability Sunday night beofre bed? Thiols from broccoli dinner? Short lived he was fine after. Very very yeasty, running circles, twittling fingers, laughing crazy. Jumping in bed again. This behavior we haven’t seen in a long time. Hyperactive. Was also Full Moon. Day after (Monday) despite yeasty behaviors he seems a bit aware today. Looking at me easily without prompt. Brought me the ‘walk’ pec picture and his clothes and walked to door. His not napping though so yeast clears well be doing better I think. 25mg/2.5hrs
2/26/2016 19 69 hrs Same dose, not many changes. Pulled tv and ipad quit a bit for more interaction. Lots of coloring. Teeth grinding still issues, giddy laughing. Slept better this weekend. 25mg/2.5hrs
3/4/2016 ICB ICB NO ALA: Did the IonCleanse Footpath first week (no sure we saw anythign yet)
We have 60days.
4 baths/20mins
3/11/2016 1 69 hrs Lots of babbling. Pretty good eye contact. He showed me HIS fingers to count on and went along with me (once). 1mg/3hrs
3/18/2016 2 69 hrs Gestures are back he waved his hands for me to clean. Eye contact continued. Babbling. More new sounds. Using finger to point. CLimbed up a few stairs w/o help and upright position! First time. 1mg/3hrs
3/25/2016 3 72 hrs Continuing to gesture. A bit tired. Not sleeping well lately. Also doing KMT for Clostridia, Parasites. Some sporative foot baths. Aso giving H-drops. We notice he is trying to draw what he sees on tv (picture pad, baby first) 1mg/3hrs
4/01/2016 4 72 hrs Good weekend. Easier to get his attention and look at me. He is now sitting through three books at night as part of routine for bed and not interrupintg and looking up in betwen pages. He taps mouth when hungry.Starting up fb’s rebgularly. 3 a week at 30mins 6mg/3hrs
4/08/2016 5 72 hrs Same 6mg/3hrs
4/15/2016 6 68hrs Same, didnt notice much. 6mg/3hrs
4/22/2016 1 64hrs Finn was sick on this round so it was just a fight to get through it. However following this round and when his cod cleared , the past few days his eye contact as been great, his attention, listening, and this morning he repeated me to ay Mama, yestyday he mimicked me micking him 4 times. 6.25mg/6.25mg @3hrs


4/29/2016 2 64hrs Melt downs this week. Still not feeling 100%. Once tv ws removed completely he got better. Doing well. pward curve. 6.25mg/6.25mg @3hrs


5/6/2016 3 64hrs Finn was able to do the following when I sang “Happy and You Know It” Clapped three times, smiles once, stomped feet twice, hooray two or three times. Previously he’d do only clapping 2-3 times 5-10% of t time.eye contact pretty good. Still saying”ma ma”. On Monday finn is listening better stopping in his tracks when called. Eye contact is good. Finn drew a picture of Peppa Pig and then said “peppa pig” ry and I both heard it  🙂 He has been saying ma ma much more clearly 6.25mg/6.25mg @3hrs


5/13/2016  4  64hrs Had 30 day IEP meeting and teachers said they saw improvement with his response to his name and eye contact. Finn spelled ‘Open’. Finn is looking at us a bit more. He is also more easily irritable lately. Screams yells like a kid when doesnt get his way but this seems nt. Back to picky eating though could be die-off from 10days of diflucan we did. 6.25mg/6.25mg @3hrs
 5/20/2016  5  64hrs Tonight Finn looked deep in our eyes back and forth and kept making us sit eye level up him 1-2ft away to watch him jump. He repeated mama after Ryan and daddy he did this twice. I almost balled crying. He shrugged his little shoulder and smiled with happiness

On Sunday no Saturday send wrote the letter a after aunt Stephanie asked. Instead of hiding in another room away from everybody at the party he grab peoples hands gym mom mom me daddy Nana and pull down to watch them jump on the trampoline. He would look at everyone one by one and smile he also looked at Lillian Sara as he was bouncing. He likes to push me and daddy’s head together so that we kiss he likes has to be really close to him to see him at I level.

 6.25mg/6.25mg @3hrs
 5/27/2016  6  64hrs I think he may have written the word blue and the word brown each were in the respective color and started with me the rest of the letters were a little harder to read. He drew a picture of a black we believe dog for my mom. He is also drawing green dinosaurs Barnes giraffes.

We’re back to eating better again eating pizza eating his meatballs eating you go fries and potatoes without a problem. He ate lunch at school three times this week which is better than none. But he is having a bit of a hard time with yeasty laughing. He was up late last night. Could be from the tomatoes and the pizza

6.25mg/6.25mg @3hrs
6/03/2016 7  64hrs  As of Sunday, June 4 10 is starting to behave yeasty laughing very giddy not sleeping well today at Tuesday therapy he screamed the entire time not because he was sick he just didn’t want to do anything he’s irritable and sleepy 6.25mg/6.25mg @3hrs
6/10/2016 8  64hrs Still not sleeping at night too well but his appetite has come back eating well latter half of the week and beginning of next. Taking of jammies now and diaper. He has ben hyper. His drawings are getting much better! Started Yeast tablets Homepathic. Seeing improvement. 6.25mg/6.25mg @3hrs
6/17/2016 9  72hrs LONGER ROUND! Still not sleeping at night too well but his appetite has come back eating well latter half of the week and beginning of next. Taking of jammies now and diaper. He has ben hyper. His drawings are getting much better! 6.25mg/6.25mg @3hrs
6/24/2016 10  72hrs Sleeping still bad. Started Qigong massage and seems to be a nice addition to the homeopathic stuf were doing. Ending Dtap#1 this week.Wonderful interaction with lady at Moozies Cafe. Mad her play insrtument looked at her and smiled. In Occupational he got on his belly and scooted 10 times to pick items. He didnt scream did well. Finn also grabbed his shoes and said “ready” twice when I mentioned the park. He said “Lion” when we were pointing at animals. He said yeah when I said “are you done?”  He has been verbalizing “K” and “A/ugh” sounds. 6.25mg/6.25mg @3hrs
7/01/2016 11  72hrs Started DTap#2 this week.

Said “Ack-le” for axle when looking at him. he attempted with 3 ah’s before saying. He kept looking at everyone when he was drawing. He brought Jen and Steph in and looked at Phil. 🙂 In bath he spelled Train and Kick. Sounded like he was repeated the letters sounds as we went through it. Increased eye contact on Saturday. 

 6.25mg/6.25mg @3hrs
7/08/2016 12  72hrs Done one month one Homeopathy. 2-3 weeks of Qigong. Finn is playing with toys more appropriately (peppa pig figurines, jumping in muddy puddles, other figurines), rocking bak and orth to song, clapping hands, looking at me more when I talk or just when expecting a reaction or words from me, socialization by looking jumping smiling ta strangers and family, good mood, more flexible, better in therapy, looking up when i havent called his name, seems to understand more of what I am saying so hell respond more.  6.25mg/6.25mg @3hrs
7/15/2016 13  72hrs  On the 7/9/16 started seeing a little bit of regression with eye contact, focus, and alertness. Therapist noticed as well.  6.25mg/6.25mg @3hrs
7/22/2016  72hrs SKIPPED CHELATION  to yeasty on top of homeopath and we saw some minor regression with eye contact and awareness. 1-2 weeks. Up until Monday 7/25/16 he was regressing a little but after skipping chelation this week we can see yeast is retracting  bit and he is coming back to where we were a week or two ago  6.25mg/6.25mg @3hrs
7/29/2016 14  72hrs STOPPED! Too much die off! Starting HBOT  6.25mg/6.25mg @3hrs
3/10/2017 1  68hrs Starting back up ALA only.  6.25mg/6.25mg @3hrs
3/25/2017 2  69hrs Had to skip a week due to being sick! 3/27/17 – BUT Finn is attemmpting SPEECH! Is it Camel milk, Fish oils, and Chelation? Possibly? Camel Milk is good for the gut, Fish Oils, braind function, and chelation is detox. We’re getting “H” and “T'” sounds as a direct imitation and full intent with eye contact.  6.25mg/6.25mg @3hrs
3/31/2017 3  64hrs Had to skip another week sick??? WTH??? Anyhow speech has improved. Finn is trying “b,h,t,p,g,k,s,m,f,” anything! He is pointing more and listening. Following directios more easily and is engadged. Hugged Mrs Kristin upon return. He rememebed her after maturnity leave!  6.25mg/6.25mg @3hrs
4 School is so excited! He only attended one day b/c he is now sick!!! Skipped week and back on.

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