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Today I find myself examining old photos and revisiting a concern I had as early as 2 months; Finn’s uneven sized pupils. I came across something before about tumors, brain damage, vaccine damage, what have you but was a bit too scared to dive deeper. Although his neurologist didn’t seem to concerned it is a bit hard to get a steady look at Finn sometimes and I plan to show him some photos of what I’m seeing when I visit on Thursday again.

Some comments I got from the board to consider…

  • Anisocoria
  • Horners Syndrome
  • Brain tumor
  • Brain Pressure problems possibly from womb position (breech)
  • Nothing just inherited condition

I’m be checking in with a local Opthamologist as well so stay tuned.


UPDATE 11/22/17

Doctor Masters confirmed he didn’t believe that Finn has Anisocoria and that his eyes seem to function quite normally it is just one adjusts quicker than the other to light which is actually quite common.


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