Bathtime Connection

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Finn holding eye contact in tub

So In about Finn’s 3rd EDTA soak bath so far (not sure if it’s linked at all it is most likely all the supplements), Finn and I had a magical moment. it was about 2-3minutes long and felt like an eternity. It was the longest Finn has ever looked at me even since birth. He stared into my eyes solid and I recited a silly song that a frog sings on baby first (la la la la). He would stare and as I’d stopped he’d laugh all while still looking deeply in my eyes. My eyes teared up. Even if he glanced down he locked back up with me during those 3 minutes and in that time I knew he is going to be okay. I red the next yeast flare if we get one…no more regression!!!!

Guitar finn made!

The last few weeks post chatting with my fb friends who has been wonderful the probiotics has put the healing in place and the GABA/Glutamate balance has been some icing on the top.

We’ve added GABA spray, L-Thenaline, MTHFR Support, RNA Respiratory, Lithium, ACE,SAMe. I think each one of these have been assisting us in what we are seeing now and I am addicted. I am so addicted to what we will see next. My husband and I smile so whole heartedly and I can feel his positive happy energy transmit to mine. We are so grateful for what we have seen and are so hopeful for what is yet to come. I feel like these gains are what we should have been seeing with the mb12 and it must be that we are now getting those b/c Lithium was need in support for it to work better.

I sang la la la la. He scrunched his shoulders and laughed appropriately and my funny sounds. I saw his little tongue touch the roof of his mouth as to sing long he did not but I was so grateful for him trying and even knowing to try.

In the past few days he has been clapping and holding his arms out for us to either kiss or tickles or eve as a way to express himself. A few nights ago he made this guitar all on his own out of shapes lol. He loves instruments!

He also started drawing more this time he took to the chalkboard and my god he drew a character. Watch the video


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