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At the beginning I feel like you don’t sleep b/c all you do is research research research…

ABA is a great therapy, don’t be afraid to try others as well. I felt so lost and overwhelmed not knowing where to begin. All i kept reading was recovery stories which although made me happy for others, also made me depressed and even more lost thinking I’d never get there. There is hope, but you may be the only one fighting for it. I can’t tell you how many time, even my son’s own therapists kind of looked at me like I was nuts. But a few months later they all can’t believe the changes they have seen. Biomed works!

Since every kid is unique on the spectrum and their systems different, it is TRIAL and ERROR process. Luckily there is some great info out there.We got our “official” diagnosis in February but started therapies in November of 2014. Sometimes State programs are really great. We pay a very small fee to get two therapist a week come visit and help us. Therapies alone won’t be the golden ticket, it will be a combination of things that you will find yourself diving into.

  1. DAN Doctor – If costs allow (I say this b/c many insurance companies will not cover these treatments and it can get very expensive), I recommend you start with looking for a DAN Doctor… You can go here: an find one closest to you.

From there comes the investigation; finding out if your child have leaky gut, allergies, gene mutation, candida overgrowth, heavy metal exposures, deficiencies all of the above… Although there are test to there to find these things out, some require a doctor prescription to order. Plus interrupting the results in a way that informs you how best to treat your child.

  1. Supplements and Vitamins – Your DAN doctor can hep with a blood test to see what your child may be lacking. Our son is very low in Glutathione, Vitamin D, Iron, Zinc, Calcium, etc… A tremendous help has been Mb12 not just b12. We give him a daily shot, with a very small needle that doesn’t hurt. The changes we have seen have been tremendous! We get this from our DAN Dr. Neubrander.
  1. Diet – You do not have to wait until you find out what your child is allergic to in order to change their diet, I would put you child on a gluten-free/casein free diet as soon as possible if they are not already. This helps a great percentage (i think 80%) of autistic children, It definitely helped our 2.5 y/o. it is not easy, and you have to learn how to label read and about cross-contamination, but it is worth it. If this diet doesn’t work for you there are many others you can also try.Once actual allergens are established remove them from diet. Try out Elimination/Rotation Diets.
  1. Genetics – Do genetic testing! We ruled out Fragile X, but found that both of my sons have a common genetic mutation. This mutation causes them to not methylate properly. That is why he is on MB12 and will be for a few years at least.
  1. Chemicals – Remove all the chemicals from your home! Make your own or buy only organic, pure, simple ingredient items. Here is a good resource: Dish detergent, Shampoo, Conditioner, Lawn care, Perfumes, Makeup on yourself, Toothpaste, Soap, Table Wash, Floor Cleaner – everything! This will take time and money, but it is very important to not allow more chemicals in!
  1. GEMIINI – I read you use Gemiini – We’ve been using this about 1-2 months now. Our son is non-verbal but is starting to mouth the words now and is more aware when we are talking to him and I think Gemiini has played a great role in that.
  2. NAET – bring foods back that were once allergens. By slowly being reintroduced to these allergens your  body builds up a tolerance, it can be as quick as 20mins of exposure and 25 hours later you may be allowed to consume the allergen.
  3. ART – Autonomic Response Testing is a non-invasive test that similar to NAET exposes you to a small vial that does not have to touch you what so ever. The bodies natural responses to the item can dictate whether there is an Allegra, if there is yeast present, parasites, etc…
  1. Chelation – Eventually you can take test to see if he has heavy metal poisoning. From there you can decide whether or not to chelate which can be dangerous, so you can do some light and more natural chelation if you feel more comfortable. Epsom salt baths, footsies, zeolite are some to name a few.
  1. Devices – There are little tools and devices that can help a bit. We use a sensory brush(The Wilbarger Protocol): This helps with him being less avoidant when I try and teach signs or touch his hands. You can use Chewy Tubes to help with oral motor skills: Also with devices get neutralizers for your electronic devices to reduce radiation.
  1. HBOT – Another option is hyperbaric chamber but I put this last b/c we have not don’t this personally as of yet. It is very expensive to even rent these machines, but I have heard wonderful recovering stories from this biomed treatment alone.

I hope this helps you and any other parents who are just starting out. Please feel free to ask me any questions any time…


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