Camel Milk – Say What??

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Now although I feel like Camel milk was a missing piece now, I didn’t always think that way. Back in 2015 we tried Camel Milk and my little newbie Biomed myself didn’t know any better. I gave Finn a 1:1 ratio of Camel milk to Almond and we noticed immediate irritability and tantrums (which have never been a real problem with Finn). I crossed it off thought that he must have CFD and then we did two separate trials of Leucorovin.

Now two years later, a new more experienced mom helpless and almost hopeless for speech thought to circle back. So I bought a frozen pint and defrosted and separated it into smaller doses and placed in this green ice tray. Each morning I’d defrost a little portion of a stick, thawed naturally, and pour over his “pancakes”(banana and egg).
At first I noticed he was a  bit irritable and inflexible. So I dialed it back a bit and started to notice within days I noticed I was repeating myself less. His awareness, and eye contact, following directions is overall better, noticeably better. His teacher even confirmed during conference. His bowels have been formed, stinky yes but formed. I have been making sure to keep track of everything with a Daily Tracker I made. 


I must mention 3 weeks prior we began a specific fish oil Protocol for Apraxia About a month ago we started both of these fish oils you have pictured here. My son is 4.5, non verbal, apraxic and ASD. My son hated the gummies but we fought through for about 2.5 weeks with it then I found a replacement for the gummies: Nordic Naturals Omega 3 (I just used one capsule instead of the two suggested dose on bottle). I gave the Omega 3 and the Complete Omega D3 Junior you have pictured here. No speech came but awareness , following directions, and he became more present. This I felt was needed for the next step. THEN I decided to try Camel Milk you also suggested here. I did this once 2 years ago but too fast and gave up before I knew better. SPEECH! GLORIOUS SPEECH!!!!!! 2.5 years I waited, dreaming, crying everyday. On Thursday he repeated “Ha” for help. Later that day and Friday he repeated me “Ta” for tickles. Eye contact and full 100% intention, not just some random, looking at the ceiling, hard to distinguish and possibly coincidental sounds.. He attempted. Saturday I had to leave for a friends party and he waved and said “ba-ba”. Then on Sunday I showed him his clothes so he knew we’d be leaving and in my words said “Bye bye to mom-mom and pop-pops house, Finn”. He looked at me and said, “bye-bye, pop-pop, mom-mom”…. I cried again. He said “ean (my other sons’ name, dada, mama, koo-koo” (a show he likes), and what was great was it was my mil’s birthday we were going to and he said mom-mom to her. She cried in happiness! I can’t believe it and am almost afraid to write to much about it as we’ve had such a rollercoaster of progress/regression in the last 2.5 years but NO progress like this. He has never said this many words even pre-diagnosis.


Other treatments to mention, we are on week 3 of ACC chelation. We have done two separate trials of this making it to 19 rounds with nothing but yeast flares. I think picking up Homeopathy, doing 30 dives of HBOT, eating a very repetitive diet of non inflammatory allergen reaction foods, then using fish oils, camel milk, and chelation back again is what is helping us FINALLY heal.


Stay tuned for a video of progress!!!!

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