Daily Shots 1st Cycle

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Now we start the daily shots. I won’t be reporting everyday but rather every couple of days when we see something note worthy. Let’s hope for some good things here.

Keep in mind..

  • The new things that started
  • Things that become more frequent
  • Things that became more intense
  • Things the stopped happening
  • Things that became less frequent
  • Things that became less intense
Tolerable Behavior:
Increase of Stimming, hyperactivity, etc.

Intolerable Behavior:
Harm to self or others.


(+) Positive Reaction
(-) Negative Reaction
(/) No Change

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Week 1

Sunday – Monday: 2/22/15 – 3/2/15

(+) ALERTNESS: Finn has overall be more alert since the past two days. Looking at us in our eyes, smiling, looking for us. More reactive to our calls and commands.
(-) HEALTH: Finn has been having trouble getting to bed. Could be he was scared he might get a shot in the butt. We stopped doing this at night. We have been giving them 1-2 hours before bed though so this could be why there is an increase of hyperactivity at bedtime.
(-) HEALTH: Teeth grinding has returned which is to be expected with the increase to daily shots.

Week 2

Sunday – Monday: 3/2/15 – 3/9/15

(+) COGNITION/LEARNING: Finn is now feeding himself! After weeks of daily assistance, just 4 days after daily shots have begun, he’s doing all on his own Feeding Himself!
Our sitter just told us that Finn was able to pick out some animals when asked today. I can’t wait to try this and see for myself!
He seems to be understanding more. He is making more sense of the P.E.C.S. board I created. He went to the stairs tonight after I showed him the bath-time card.
Finn seems to be gaining more strength in his legs. He has been running around more. He is climbing the stairs better now.
Sleep (at least for last few days) has been better. He is not pulling off diapers since we’ve been doing inside out footie jams and he has been back to his usually 30-45mins to get to sleep but finally passes out.
Finn, although only babbling has been doing more back-and-forth mimicking with us.
Finn actually handed toys to Braydon while he was in the playpen! He also wanted to go in the playpen with him. They stood in together and watched tv! ico-cam


Week 3

Sunday – Monday: 3/9/15 – 3/16/15
(+) SPEECH & LANGUAGE: It seems like Finn is saying things. Today I said I missed you when he woke up and he grabbed my hand and said “I missed you too”. It was very mute and muffled but the syllables were right and the m in the right place. I also think he may have said thank you but not certain there.
Today he grabbed a tissue out of the tissue box, handed me the squirt water bottle with two hands to clean his board.
(+) COGNITION/LEARNING: Today as I said the letters he moved them waiting for my voice.
(+) COGNITION/LEARNING: He is fully understanding some things now! When I say bath, brush teeth, and tv he knows what I am talking about. Often going to the place before I do. He is not trying to communicate via the cards but I can show him before we do something and he gets it. We need to make a more strict schedule though I feel when we are off he is off.
(+) SPEECH & LANGUAGE: He is doing ALOT of babbling today.
(+) MOOD/EMOTION: Last night he grabbed my husband face several times nicely to have his face turn towards his and looked in his eyes. My husband said he stared in his eyes for 10 seconds.
(-) MOOD/EMOTION: Although we are seeing the good we also are seeing the bad. Finn gets more upset and more frequently if he is “in the zone: and we touch his letters or sing. He seems to get more whiny at times.
He is eating objects he wouldn’t normally, chalk and crayons.
(/) HEALTH: Teeth grinding has increased and is pretty much all day at this point. Not changed since we stated daily shots. Sleep has not gotten better It took 4 hours last night for him to fall asleep.

Week 4

Sunday – Monday: 3/16/15 – 3/23/15
While it is still hard to get Finn’s attention it takes less times calling him in order to. Usually he will look up when called in a stern voice. He had wonderful eye contact with me and my husband all day today. I wish everyday was this good. He looked back and forth and back. He stared at my mouth as I made animal noises. He smiled and looked at me in my eyes. He looked at my eyes every time when wanting a snack without m having to put it to my nose.
(+) SPEECH & LANGUAGE: He is continuing to babble alot… almost at times speaking as if he is saying something.
(+) COGNITION/LEARNING: He mimicked the therapist by playing the xylophone after her, briefly. He rolled the dough between his hands for just a second which made me happy b/c we were trying to show him all day.
(+) COGNITION/LEARNING:  I know now without a doubt he is getting not only the cards I show him as a means for storytelling and timetables, but without the card when I sing a song or say the words, bath-time, brush our teeth, he goes right to the steps and to the right room! He is getting us!
(+) COGNITION/LEARNING: Today he put his alphabet backwards but also put them in a vertical lined arrangement while in alpha order.
(+) MOOD/EMOTION: He is allowing me brush his skin a bit better for the OT therapy.
(-) MOOD/EMOTION: Still a bit quick to get upset during dual play, if I join in and disrupt order at times, not every time, 3 out of 10 times.
(/) HEALTH: Teeth grinding has slowed but is just as loud as before.

Week 5

Sunday – Monday: 3/23/15 – 3/30/15
He repeated bye-bye mom-mom pop-pop and also said thank you spontaneously when putting on my shows for me.
Patience is increasing. He is sitting for longer periods for books and for play.
Continually strong eye contact.
He is following along now! He will look where I point when reading and sometimes around the room when I point  to something.
He seems to be understanding more and more. He is getting, sit down come here more each day. He sat down for therapist when asked.

Week 6 End of 1st Daily Shot Cycle

Sunday – Monday: 3/16/15 – 4/06/15

(+) ALERTNESS: Continually strong eye contact.
(-) MOOD/EMOTION: Still a bit quick to get upset during dual play, if I join in and disrupt order at times, not every time, 3 out of 10 times.
When making requests instead of just tugging at me he is looking up at me at time s and making sounds as if to communicate he wants. They are indistinguishable but it seems with intent.
Today he fed a baby doll after seeing the therapist do it. He stirred the pot after seeing it and also put the cup to therapists lips so she could drink a few different times. She said his social skills are improving.

(-) HEALTH: Past few days Finn has been waking to jump in sleep and has been very tired during the day. He has been taking naps early again because he is too tired to even make it to lunch because he is up so much at night.

(-) HEALTH: FInn has been very irritable and whining and even crying to no reason. We are unsure if this is because he is tired or b/c of the shots or something else. He seems to have a fear of some of the talking stuffed animals now, making us pick them up and play the music then cry. Some of his behavior seems irrational. Getting upset at the last letter in an order placed, or puzzle placed.

(+) SPEECH & LANGUAGE: Finn said Meow Meow, when asked “What does a cat say” by Gemiini video. We missed it but the sitter heard it loud and clear!
(+) MOOD/EMOTION: He is growing more patient with books and understanding anticipatory when we read along for parts in the book.

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