Day 1 of 3rd shot

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Well, today Finn seemed pretty hyper to me, not very responsive, he did look towards me at song time and want to be held some. Maybe I’m just down, maybe I’m just tired, less in tune or I’m not sure. Its only been the first week (3 shots) and I know we have seen some progress but it’s slow coming for the big things. Still at the same point as far as talking or even a slight attempt to talk, just babbling and goofy talk. He doesn’t seem to understand one word I say. He didn’t even respond to “no” today the only phrase he ever responds to.

I hope this is the right thing for him. What if he was some other mental issue and it’s not autism? What if none of this will help and he is permanently damaged? What if my little boy will never ever say my name or even know his own. I’m so heartbroken…

I think I’m just having a drab day and not seeing the positives. I hope things look further up soon…

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