Dinner at Mom-Moms

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He is mouthing/biting on his cup much more…
After shopping with my mom-in-law we came back to my in-laws for dinner. My husband and Ean (Finn’s older half brother) and Finn were there waiting for us for dinner. While Finn was doing his usual when I walked through the door, which is standing 2 feet from the tv, rocking back and forth to Winnie the Pooh, when I called his name after only a few times he looked up at me an smiled briefly. *Mom-mom called him and he looked and then he looked up and pop-pop with a nervous smile……….. but he looked up! Usually we would get no response at all.

He did push mom-mom off and kick her away with his feet just about timeserver she touched him as usual BUT at dinnertime I showed mom-mom how he likes to share his cup with me. He put the cup in my face and I smacked my lips and said “thank you!” then I pointed at mom-mom, “can mom-mom have some?” I said it twice, he offered it to me again, I then said again, “can mom-mom have some?”, *he looked at mom-mom anxiously but offered her the cup, he seemed nervous but he did this twice. Although he didn’t laugh or smile as he does when giving me the cup he did offer it to her which is showing that he is stepping outside of his comfort zone willingly. It’s funny too because until typing this right now I didn’t’ realize how big that one action was.

Mia Mao, Finn’s favorite show since he was 3 months old.

He threw most of his chicken on the floor, he ate biscuits, yogurt, oranges and a few snacks form pop-pop. I am excited to get him on a strict diet once we get done with our 6 week clinical trial. For now, I let a lot slide since we’re not supposed to changing anything from the “norm”. He was pretty beat, as he usually is when we doing anything social outside of the house, we came and got into bath. Thankfully he is okay with the bath now. A few weeks ago he had diaper rash and kept pulling off his diaper. The sitter had him one day and he did this in his crib and smeared feces all over getting it on his hands, in his hair, well you know… so she had to give him a bath and this would be a first time anyone other than my husband or myself would bath him. She said he was traumatized and she cried too b/c she felt so bad how horrific of an experience it was for him. He would not get in the bath for the next three attempts we had to sponge bath him. Finally with the aid of his favorite show Mia Mao (two talking , actually I should say gibberish clay-mation cats), on my ipad held while he was washed was the only thing to get him in. He was distracted as my husband cleaned him. After the third attempt he was fine again.

One bit of advice for parents struggling to get your Autistic child to do something they have to but don’t want. Be patient, try new ways to make it work. My husband and I always come up with something. If Finn doesn’t want the chicken I made him I wrap it up in a biscuit and hell eat it disguised. If he doesn’t want to eat at all, but I know hes hungry, I open a book and he reads as I spoonfeed. Yes I am bending over backwards for my kid to do tasks that he should do and I do worry about spoiling him but I guess at this point that isn’t the worst scenario.

His teeth grinding as almost diminished already, but he picked up a new more noticeable habit, he is shaking his head up and down and left an right involuntarily. However, I much prefer this over the teeth grinding. Anyhow we survived the night and he is fast asleep.

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