Ean MB12 Shots – Every Three Days

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Read through list below of the positive and negative changes our son is experiencing during his first 6 week clinical trial of MB12 shots. These are given every three days. See ‘How to Give MB12Shots‘.

Keep in mind..

  • The new things that started
  • Things that become more frequent
  • Things that became more intense
  • Things the stopped happening
  • Things that became less frequent
  • Things that became less intense
Tolerable Behavior:
Increase of Stimming, hyperactivity, etc.

Intolerable Behavior:
Harm to self or others.


(+) Positive Reaction
(-) Negative Reaction
(/) No Change

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Week 1

Friday – 3/6/2014
1st Shot


Monday – 3/9/2014
2nd Shot


Thursday – 3/12/2014
3rd Shot

Still continuing to gt in trouble in school for calling out. Outburst and misbehaving. he did come down stairs to apologize to me yesterday which was out of usually for him unprompted.

Sunday – 3/15/15
4th Shot
– Still no change we can see.

Thursday – 3/19/15
5th Shot
– No changes apparent. Maybe seems to be getting in trouble more for outbursts.

– No changes SKIP AHEAD –


(+) SPEECH & LANGUAGE: Ean is holding conversations longer and not just ones he initiates, When driving in the car we were talkng about music he liked, he shifted to talk about the makes of the cars passing but then came back to the conversation. This never happens. He seems to be paying attention longer.
(+) MOOD/EMOTION:  He seems a little less frustrated and more happy overall. He tried his hardest this weekend for two games consecutively at his hockey championship. He played hard the entire GAME! It was unbelievable.
(+) ALERTNESS: I am finding myself reminding him less about his tasks and schedule.
(+) MOOD/EMOTION:  He seems to be having more spontaneous speech and conversation with Ryan too, even requesting they play hockey instead of me nagging him to do so. He seems more in-tuned for some reason, am I jut reflecting my desires? Ryan think he is too.


With Ean I didn’t feel the need to document every shot. His changes are much more apparent than Finn’s. We are now on our second cycle of every days and toward the end of first cycle and continuing on to no we are seeing some great things.

(+) SPEECH & LANGUAGE: Ean is continuing to be more elaborate on his accounts of events. Rather than one-lined responses all of the time.
(+) MOOD/EMOTION: He seem less moody overall and quicker to get over being yelled at. Tonight he went outside without being prompted to play with his dad even after he was yelled at. In the past he would go hide in his room afterwards.
(+) MOOD/EMOTION:  We’ve had a pretty good run of behavior at school. One day of bring too talkative but overall a great improvement from daily accounts of inattentiveness, misbehavior, etc.


(+) SPEECH & LANGUAGE: He is being more honest even before I ask (told me he had ice cream cone without asking) also (told me he was talking in class even though teacher didn’t mark down).



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