Finn’s Nutritional Angel

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Last night was a whirlwind… I cried, I smiled, I didn’t sleep.

We met our nutritionist, the one I was desperately seeking a few weeks ago and came across on Autism Speaks. I think this will be one of the most important moves we have made in the Recovery Process.

I didn’t know what to expect at all. I thought she may offer some recipes, may give us some options and tell us what was good for Finn to eat. But she went above and beyond what I could have possibly imagined.

I could sense her dedication, commitment, and sincerity and this is all not because she’s a doctor who wants to heal kids, but she is a mom. A mom of a recovered autistic child who knows what we are going through, who yearns to be as knowledgeable as possible in order to help others and help herself. She explained her personal struggles, even financial and the fact that she herself understands how cost affects us parents of kids on spectrum made me feel all the more comfortable. She gave us the info we needed and did not try to push anything on us.

She called the manufacturers to check the ingredients of our supplements, she made a food chart for us to follow so all of our tracking doesn’t go in vain, she provided a “bad” hidden ingredients list, she will give us the dirty (must be organic) foods list, recipes, foods to heal, foods to avoid (based on Finn’s food panel, she recommended doctors that are going to give us extensive and comprehensive test to go beyond what others do to ensure we get the bottom of not only if there is a bacteria or parasite, but what so we can battle it as best possible.

Some of what she said contradicted our DAN doctor’s instructions, and I do love our DAN doc, but like I said before he has many patients, has a specific protocol, an after the last few meets I started feeling like we need to do more than what we were. She did not wish to undermine him, but did exactly what I wanted but couldn’t do myself. She looked at all his supplements and told us what ones included allergens and also that feed the yeast beast, therefore requiring us to find alternatives…

All I really wanted to hear, was “We will heal his gut” and she delivered. She said “we will get him talking”, I’m not sure in how much time, but he will talk I promise you. It was hard to hold it together. My husband and I felt happy for her daughter but also so sad for our Finn. I am so excited to see progress will make i the coming months I can’t contain myself.

I strongly urge  anyone who is seeing a DAN or doing themselves to at least  have a consultation with a Nutritionist. Although we have gotten lucky with Dr. Agli because of her story and specialty. I think most nutritionist would not have such extensive knowledge on bacteria, yeast, allergies of autistic kids, etc….  she is my angel I believe.

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