Carrier & Oil Blend Protocol

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Our Current Protocol:

The New Protocol:

We are starting a new venture! Our next path will be down Oil Blends for the next 6 months.

1) Get Tests for the following: Nagalese, Vitamin D Hydroxy, Renal Function/Metabolic.
2) Our ATEC for baseline (It is now 60). Do Yours: ATEC!
3) Follow Oil Protocol Below. Get your Syringes.
4) Do Speech Therapy on nights of administration. Here is the Video.
5) Onion/Garlic Foot Protocol.
6) Track Your Progress: See Tracking!

1) Tests:

2) ATEC:

3) Order:


4) The Procedure:

5) Speech Therapy:

6) Onion/Garlic Foot Protocol:

See Our Progress Chart:

See Progress!

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