Gemiini Are You Our Speech Savior

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Clip of ASL sign for duck from Gemiini video.

So I wrote here that were we were introducing a speech training video Gemiini for non-verbals.

We’ve been doing the video 3 x’s a day a little over a week now and pretty much all we’ve gotten so far is Finn throwing his arms up as if in question when asked, “what does a cat say?”

Well today our sitter Erin told us while on the phone with her sister, Finn said “Meow” once before being asked what a cat says, and then again after they responded “meow”. Her sister Kerri also heard it on the other end!

We are so excited to hear this news. We can’t wait for him to start really talking with prompts instead of only spontaneously! The therapy in combination with MB12 and supplements we’ve been doing really have made the past 4 months much more bearable. Things are not getting worse, they are getting better, much better. Just last week, Finn offered a cup to his therapist to drink out of and fed a babydoll! His social skills are slowly but surely improving and all of our hard work is starting to pay off. He is understanding us now, when before we didn’t even think he knew his own name. How rewarding it is to tell him it’s “bath-time” and to see him to head up the stairs to the bathroom! We are truly grateful for the changes we have seen so far and can only pray it will continue to get better.

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  1. SchureMom
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    For those who are keeping up with the updates here…

    We still don’t have any words from our Finn yet, but we have found the videos are giving us other benefits…

    So it takes generally about 5 times or so before Finn is actually interested in a new clip. Then he really loves it, smiling, fidgeting his fingers in excitement, trying to pull the ipad closer. We removed all of his tv watching now so we do the video sessions three times a day so he doesn’t get an overload of electronics.

    He looks at our mouths now when we speak. He waits in anticipation when we ask things. I owe it to the ballerina for that one. When we recite lines from the video “What does a cow say” he looks right in our eyes then at our mouths and waits until we respond.

    So overall his awareness and no-verbal responses have increased and improved. The therapist brought over farm animal puzzles today and when she asked Finn what each of them made, he would look at her eyes and wait for her. She was amazed!

    I can say a word in the same tone and he’ll recognize it from the video and pay attention to me. I can also say “circle” or “star” and b/c I know he’s seen the video clip a thousand times he is making the association that I am referring to that shape he saw in the video.

    While I aid he isn’t speaking any words though, he IS however mouthing along. No sound comes out but he moves his lips with the words. This is a great step towards talking.

    I’m happy so far with the progress, but anxious for him to speak.

    • M
      | Reply

      Any updates of using Gemiini?

      • SchureMom
        | Reply

        Gemini didn’t work for us. We may give it a try again since my son’s cognition has improved.

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