Head Shoulders Knees Toes

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We got Finn’s tests back and he excreted lots of lead! We knew it! I’ll post and link results. A lot of his minerals and vitamins are low or deranged but we will chat with Dr Elliot on Tuesday about that. We are just so excited for the next treatment.

So, I haven’t wrote much since but we have really gotten gains. Finn’s little personality is really shining through! He likes to reach his bedroom light and flicker it. He pulls his stool from bathroom to try and reach snacks and markers lol! He more easily allows me to show him stuff. Something is different in his eyes. He is more in tune. Therapist has stated this as well (doesn’t know what we are doing). She said he is engaging and talking or trying to really talk to her so much now and advancing each day. Even the BCBA said so. Going on the big potty now and is just overall amazing.

He is also being more defiant b/c he knows he can but it’s awesome hearing him say “pad-pad” for ipad. He followed me around with a cart without being in it today in store. He is really trying hard to form words. It is different than babble, he is looking in our eyes and really focusing and repeating a sound to get it right.

He is following a picture schedule and pulling the cards. We have set times for certain activities (like one would in school and it is helping alleviate frustration.


Speech – Many more attempts, new sounds, better formed, unprompted.
Imaginative play – Playing with armatures making them clap, rescue quad guys making them walk and bounce, feeding peppa pig, playing hide and go seek with stuffed animals, putting puzzle pieces on head.
Tolerance Ex: I showed him how a magnifying sheet worked over his art, he would never not even for a second allow this. Using big boy potty at home now.
Awareness – Following me around in store, without being in cart now!
Attention Span Increase – Being engaged long enough to look at book, do songs, and play a few games (match, hide seek toys).
Character – He does a funny laugh when silly (hahaha and shakes head). He toggles light switch on/off for fun. He jumps out of bed and then I tell him to get back in and he covers head with blanket peering out. When we tell him to go to bed when he is still making noise, he waves us out and says “bye bye” for us to leave lol.
Eye Contact: Something changed in his eyes when he looks at us at times it just feels different and more connected.
Stimming: Vocal stimming is the same, but teeth grinding has decreased about 50%.

We did Head, Shoulder Knees and Toes, and just  look at this engagement!

We go back on Tuesday for next round! Can’t wait

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