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So far it has been a pretty good week. Can’t say its due to ACC b/c we get these kind of weeks form time to time, personally I feel it boils down to yeast. Anyhow, so yesterday I only had to show Finn once and we are now Hi-Fiving! 🙂 I really wanted to start seeing him do this b/c our last visit at CHOP the male nurse (who didnt realize he was on spectrum just thought he was shy) went to high-five him and nothing was reciprocated. I just thought if we could get some typical feedback like s return hi-five I might feel better about those interactions since we come across the request for hi-five often.

On another note, we’ve had some pretty solid poops this week and I’ll make a separate post of stools so I’m not surprising anyone mid-breakfast. Anyhow, just thought I’d make a small note of progress. We start our 3rd round of ALA this weekend and I am so desperate to see some improvements, especially language gains. I dream of it everyday and I cry silently every night….

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