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So yestryda we made a1.5 hour trip to see a homeopathic doctor, Lynn Farrugia. We met at a TACA group presentation in Cherry Hill. As usually I over prepared with test results, medicines, supplement schedules, shot records  – everything I could possibly think of that might some in conversation.

Her office was around back of a colonial style home in a ritzy part of Hopewell New Jersey. She had crayons and paper and toys for Finn. He sat on Ryan’s lap and colored quietly making a fish in fish bowl, and blonde hair girl, tree and other creations. Which delighted me that she asked for them once we left.

We sat for two hours going into the history of my pregnancy, my family background, Ryan’s background as well. We concluded that yeast would be a good remedy to start on as that was the first issue we saw with Finn as I was given antibiotics during pregnancy and birth, had chronic yeast infections during pregnancy and after, and finn has oral thrush since birth to 3 months.

Nest we looked at his shot records. Reflecting again on how unbelievable his track record of 4+ visits that reared 3-4 more shots at once. The last one we determined at 5/14/2014 was the last set he got when no more progression was seen and any words disappeared. It was during this visit that he received DTAP, HIB, Prevnar, Hep B. What I didn’t realize until now was that he was also given a tetanus booster. The reason this is an issue is that Tetanus is in the DTAP shot which means he was given a double dose of thimerosal (aluminum/mercury) n one day at the same time. I would have never noticed this on my own.

Due to this discover we also got two separate remedies for DTAP for the next month. We will treat for the other vaccines as well but are starting with the most damaging. I truly appreciate the custom treatment as opposed to the blanket treatments given by all the docs we have seen. She said he has a good prognosis as he looked at her  a few times, was very well behaved and even though he pulled the backpack for us to go never got upset or tantrumed.

She suggested we give less magnesium or just give as epsom salt bath and oil instead for better absorption. Also he is having real loose stools she thinks it may be the magnesium. She said to give zinc at night as it can upset the stomach and also to do mb12 shots during the day for him to sleep.

We are going to hold of on Nystatin as we treat with yeast remedy. We may cut supplements as she said what we thought as he is most likely not absorbing them. She said to give one week to rest of chelation during each month.

Follow up is in one month so let’s hope to see some positive changes!



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