How to Give MB12 Shots

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Please refer to Dr. Neubranders instructions here for full details and information on how to administer MB12 shots:

Instructions for Methyl B12-Shots 1343067727_doc_pdf


Quick Tips:

  1. Wash hands thoroughly
  2. Apply Lidocaine for a few minutes, rubbing gently on the upper outer quadrant, left or right cheek.
  3. Pull the needle out and place in dark place while the lidocaine does it’s magic for about 40mins.
  4. Warm the needle in hands a few minutes prior to administering to “take the edge off” the cool effect when injected
  5. Inject needle at 10-20 degree angle at upper outer quadrant of buttocks.
  6. Prepare a safe container to store the needle for disposal once the shot has been given.

Carefully uncap needle
Wash hands. Apply lidocaine if needed


Pull off
Carefully uncap needle
Angle should be at 10-15%
Angle should be at 10-20%
Hold the needle like a dart
Hold the needle like a dart
Insert into buttocks
Insert into buttocks, then immediately withdraw

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  2. kelly
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    Do those shots hurt?

    • SchureMom
      | Reply

      Kelly I recently got one of these needles so I could give blood for allergy test at the doctors. This was before we started treatments on our son. I had asked the nurse, “wow are those needles that small, or are you just that good.” When we give them to Finn at night he is in REM sleep at that point. He will jump up a second but never wakes. He could be feeling the small pinch or perhaps the cool feeling of the medication entering his body. I’ still don’t love to do this but we know its the best way we can help him at this point.

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