How’s my baby?

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Just thought I’d drop a line about Finn’s progress. I have been slacking on my posts but life has been busy. We’ve been trying to sell our home, I’ve undergone some changes at my work, we’re trying to get Finn into school and therapies, financials, my husband’s work, etc, etc.

In all the madness, every weekend we give ALA to Finn every 2.5 hrs and 3hrs at night. You can imagine how tiring this must be especially when the end in sight is not for another year or two. Right no I am also giving extra b12 + 5-mthf to help calm his teeth grinding and I don’t know if it’s too early to tell but his teeth grinding has definitely calmed down for the first time noticeably ever. We’ve tried Vermex, Calcium, Magnesium, Chlorella (don’t advise), Lithium, and none of it helped. This seems to be working for us so far fingers crossed.


Another positive front, Finn’s belly has been consistently flat for about 2 weeks. We have removed chickpeas from his diet. I sued to get this bulk item Organic at Whole Foods, but then I saw a post about it often being contaminated with Gluten and decided to contact Whole Foods. This was their response below so I decided it was best to stop giving it unless pre-packaged.

Overall I can still tell Yeats is a big issue. The chelating is going well,IMG_5709 Finn is still gesturing and seems to be a bit healthier overall. We will jump to 10mg this weekend and see how it goes.

He spelled Bingo this past weekend and likes to flip the letters over as you go through the song.

I keep a track record of what we see with ALA .Also I keep notes on Supplements and Diet changes as well. Check them out.

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