Hurricane is coming, but our hearts are *Calm…

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We’ve been doing GABA Be Calm Spray for about 5 days or so now and I’ve seen an improvement already. I have to just make a small note about the things we have seen in the last few weeks.

Finn is…

  • Singing along with his shows (Mia Mao, Shushybye). He is looking at us more
  • He is mimicking us by rocking back and forth when we do or jumping when we do.
  • He is pointing to the tv, to ads, to his artwork.
  • He i being more verbal. This morning he pointed to his paper and drew on it with his finger while babbling expressively as to tell me what he wanted, b/c I had asked him.
  • He is more aware of his surrounding and body. He is now playfully rocking on his heels for fun not out of any sensory input.
  • His smiles are more directed.
  • He is starting to say daddy more intentfully. This morning he looked at Ryan and whined “Daaaaadddeeeee” with remote in his hand since he wanted the tv on.
  • He is saying a few words; no tent, butt


I think trying to help GABA/Glutamate is helping but I know we are only treating that lightly yet. I do think the Lithium is helping although we’ve started so low so increased amounts should help. Also despite Dr N’s comments about “low yeast” I think any anti-fungal and yeast treatments we always seem to see benefit from. We are doing Candex right now and I think that is helping along with the Probiotic to help balance gut flora and the Oil of Oregano and Garlic.


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