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We’re 5 Years Old!

It’s been one hell of year and you’d think I should have been documenting it better? You know I wish I had. Finn is now 5 and finally finally we are getting speech or attempts I should say. Before he would say a sound or one small part of  a word and then nothing for weeks months. Now all we have to do is say “say this” or he even requests while speaking unprompted. Of course there are still so many obstacles; volume, articulation, combining of sounds, subject matter, and more than one word at a time.
Per our  videos you can see things started picking up with Camel Milk, ACC, Fish Oil, etc. We started Nemecheck and fought through it
(and are still keeping it up).


It’s been nuts since the decision to keep Finn home over the Mold issue at Holly Glen (which by the way is still not open, nor i the Whitehall school that has mold and Asbestos). He is getting regular therapy from an awesome lady named Donna and they work together in almost a Son-Rise approach (play-based). Finn really enjoys having her over as soon she comes to the door he leads her outside to play! I’m thankful to have found a home-based program and I think Finn will be fine this year home with me, who knows he may just stay home.

Changes? Stories:

Well, so much has happened I wish I tracked better. I need to start back up again weekly!

  1. Finn is more attentive, looking at us, listening,
  2. Prolonged eye contact, even looking up at me when I’m not looking and waiting for me to look back.
  3. Following 1-2 step instructions. (Ex: Get your blanket and come here. Get your bowl and the chips and bring them here.)
  4. He is requesting we play with him more. (Tents, puppets,
  5. He is using his voice to request for things. (Saying “crackers” “ah” for apple, yes, and nodding head, saying “bubba” for us to blow bubbles in the tub…
  6. He is looking at touching my mouth to try and sound out parts of a word with me.
  7. He is more affectionate ( running into daddy’s arms when he gets home with excitement and NOT the laptop, asking for him when he’s not around (says “da-da” and looks outside where car parks), he pushed our heads together to kiss after giving us kissing and pulling our necks in for it lol.
  8. Answering familiar yes and no questions.
  9. Understanding more items and locations
  10. Teeth grinding has decreased a little. He is now swishing spit in his mouth which is nasty but at least wont harm his jaw or teeth.
  11. He comes into our bedroom now to jump and lay with us on the bed. It’s been a long time since he did this.
  12. He is reading along twinkle twinkle with us trying to say some of the words…
  13. Imaginative play ( making peppa climb stair in lego house, helping daddy with hot wheels tracks and making cars go on track)
  14. We’re wearing headphones willingly and even looking for them when we shop.
  15. We FINALLY keep all of our clothes on and are not fighting to take them off. He dresses in morning with no fight!


Although I thank Nemecheck, Camel Milk, Methylators, and our 1-1 time now that I pulled him from school, this is what else we are doing:


Inulin (1 tsbp)
Fish Oil (1TBSP @ 2800mg) – check dose on pro advanced fish oil
Camel Milk 1/2-1pint a day (morning)
Essential 4 (1 capsule)
Multi (1/2 scoop)
Vit d3 (sleep) (3 drops)
k2 (1/4 capsule)

5mthf (1mg capsule)
DMG (0.5ml once and increasing)

B vitamins:
P5P (sprinkle)
Riboflavin (sprinkle)

L-Thenanine (1/2 capsule)


*We just started “juicing” and I put in quotes because at this point I am doing the following but adding only small amounts to pear juice with less water than usual to keep it sweet.
-Small handful of Kale
-2 apples
-1 carrot

*This is lasting 3-4 days. I slowly put it in his juices afternoon.

*Also with his morning pancake I’m adding radishes, kale and carrots(sometimes).

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