Let me preface this by saying IV Chelation is not for everyone! After exhausting other forms of heavy metal detox in 3+years such as oral chelation through; ALA,DMSA,ALA+DMSA,Chlorella,Vitamin,Epsom Salt, etc with the much research and consultation with our MAPS doctor we have decided it is time to try IV. We have been assured there has never been any regression in his clinic. He recovered his own boy on this treatment and we are truly hoping to get somewhere with this form of detox.

IV Chelation
Date: Round #: Notes/Reactions: Dosage/Intervals
12/12/2018 1 This was our first treatment. Finn sqirmed at first and fought but after few momtns and with Ipad he calmed and was very good the doctor said. Better than most! We didn’t notice too much other than happiness all day. We started collection for Challenge Test. We have a Monday pickup and will wait for lab results to see if there is metals present in urine. About 3-4 weeks time of his next treatment. We will do every 3 weeks. We will apply GSH trandermal once it comes in. We are giving minerals today, tomorrow, then every other day to make up for any depletion for chelation. We will also eventually add suppositiores in between if needed. Seek IBK group for more details if needed. HBOT can help mop more and sqeeze out more metals after if needed in future. 1000 mg
12/13/2018 Second day, Finn has been pooping and peein non-stop.Hopefully this is helping move things along. He is very happy, a bit silly but in a good way. Pretty attentive, not regressive. To me, teeth grinding is a little less, vocal stimming just as bad.
2/9/2018 We got Finn’s tests back and he excreted lots of lead! We knew it! Results
Speech – Many more attempts, new sounds, better formed, unprompted.
Imaginative play – Playing with armatures making them clap, rescue quad guys making them walk and bounce, feeding peppa pig, playing hide and go seek with stuffed animals, putting puzzle pieces on head.
Tolerance Ex: I showed him how a magnifying sheet worked over his art, he would never not even for a second allow this. Using big boy potty at home now.
Awareness – Following me around in store, without being in cart now!
Attention Span Increase – Being engaged long enough to look at book, do songs, and play a few games (match, hide seek toys).
Character – He does a funny laugh when silly (hahaha and shakes head). He toggles light switch on/off for fun. He jumps out of bed and then I tell him to get back in and he covers head with blanket peering out. When we tell him to go to bed when he is still making noise, he waves us out and says “bye bye” for us to leave lol.
Eye Contact: Something changed in his eyes when he looks at us at times it just feels different and more connected.
Stimming: Vocal stimming is the same, but teeth grinding has decreased about 50%.