MB12 Shots – 1st 6 Week Cycle

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Read through list below of the positive and negative changes our son is experiencing during his first 6 week clinical trial of MB12 shots. These are given every three days. See ‘How to Give MB12Shots‘.

Keep in mind..

  • The new things that started
  • Things that become more frequent
  • Things that became more intense
  • Things the stopped happening
  • Things that became less frequent
  • Things that became less intense
Tolerable Behavior:
Increase of Stimming, hyperactivity, etc.

Intolerable Behavior:
Harm to self or others.


(+) Positive Reaction
(-) Negative Reaction
(/) No Change

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Week 1

Tuesday – 12/8/2014
1st Shot

(+) HEALTH: His naps have been long and he has been sleeping in the morning a little longer, however with it only being three days that isn’t long enough to really know if that is coincidence or not since he has done that before. Tonight it took him the usual 1-1 1/2 hrs to fall asleep with needed singing and rocking.

(-) HEALTH: First night of giving shot Finn was awake a lot bouncing around in his crib. We aren’t sure if this was more than usual b/c he does do this but it seemed like he was up all night.

(/) HEALTH: Second & Third day in this first 3 day round we haven’t noticed much of anything.

Friday – 12/12/2014
2nd shot

(+) ALERTNESS: He does seem to be easier to get his attention at times, not completely consistent though.

(+) ALERTNESS: Eye contact seems a little better (he is looking more at us for approval, when he wants us and when we sing his songs) and he is holding eye contact it longer. Rather than him just looking when he was being tickled or jumping.

(+) MOOD/EMOTION: He wants to be held more. He is reaching for us to hold him and wrapping his arms around us. He is leaning his back on us as he plays. He is sitting on my lap without be forced to and sitting there calm without fidgeting.

(+) MOOD/EMOTION: He does seem a little irritable (crying only briefly for something more often and soon than before) rather than just giving up, changing gears, or being distracted by something else.

(+) MOOD/EMOTION:He seems at times to be more gentle when using his hands to guide me to do/get something for him as opposed to always being rough and aggressive with his physical requests. EX: He does however push and tug on me hard if I do not notice and he wants a snack. He does push us to where he wants.

(+) COGNITION/LEARNING: We did think he “may” have been pointing to colors on a paper as we called them out, He used both hands though to cover and after the third command to point he grew tired/frustrated an threw the paper on the floor. I tried once more but he had no interest.

(+) COGNITION/LEARNING: He has been playing with his alphabet puzzle more often and more focused on the alphabet.

(+) COGNITION/LEARNING: He is pointing to the letters as we say them. Before he wold only grab our fingers and make us point along. He was pointing on this own AND for the first time he allowed me to grab his hand and guide him to draw out the letters! In the past he would immediately yank his hand back.

(+) HEALTH: He is grinding his teeth less, maybe only once a day now. It used to be so bad I swore he was sawing his teeth down and the noise was so loud you could hear the gritting from across the room. Now I only hear it lightly with my head pressed to his jaw.

(+) HEALTH: Finn is continuing to sleep in on mornings (900-930am) as opposed to usual 730am. He is taking one long nap in the afternoon now. Does still take him a while to get to sleep at night. He is still waking at night 2-3am to jump around in crib.

(-) HEALTH: Finn is now shaking his head a lot. He did this seldom before, but I noticed the past two days he has been doing this at least 1-2 times every hour, lasting about 10-15 seconds each. He does it while sitting, and also while walking around.

(/) SOCIALIZATION: Around anyone other than me and Ryan Finn still displays same level of anxiety and discomfort for the most part. He doesn’t want kisses from his brother and is cautious about mom-mom. He is okay with pop-pop to an extent. He did however offer his cup to mom-mom to drink after doing it to me twice and me pointing at mom-mom. He had a somewhat anxious face on while he did it, whereas he smiles and laughs when I drink from the cup.

(/) COMMUNICATION: There has been no increase of verbal communication or talking at this time.

Week 2

Monday – 12/15/2014
3rd shot

(+) SOCIALIZATION: Our sitter brings her son with her sometimes when she watches Finn. She told us that Finn grabbed her son’s hand to have him come color with him. This was after she asked the boys to play with trucks, which he had no interest at the time but he reached out and grabbed him to play. How wonderful!

(+) MOOD/EMOTION: He was good a whole shopping day. No whining to get up or out, he sat and ate pizza with my mom and I for lunch at the mall and never tried to get out of the stroller or fight to get out of the cart.

(-) HEALTH: I noticed the past 2 days Finn has been sucking his thumb excessive. This makes me worry about his teeth. Ordinarily he only does this to signal to us he’s ready to sleep and before he passes out in his crib,not overnight.

(/) ALERTNESS: To me it has been the same, slightly better than before but not much, no change here from last week.

Thursday – 12/18/2014
4th shot

(+) ALERTNESS: He is more engaging when daddy comes to chase and play. he runs back . Before he would only run back maybe once, we find he is dong this back and forth play now. He is becoming more curious, walking around to see who is sitting on a couch, searching the rooms, when he didn’t have as much interest before.

(+) SOCIALIZATION: For the first time he approached my sister-in-law who is very forward and Finn never would go near and would hide from. He didn’t seem to effected at all by the fact there were more than several people in our home for up to 4 hours. Ordinarily he goes into his playroom away from it all. He did retreat twice, however he made sure to come back into the living area. He even allowed for her to hold him, which has never happened up onto this point with immediate anxiety to be let down.

(+) SPEECH & LANGUAGE: He also pointed to my shirt and said blue, it was somewhat unclear but he was sounding the word out. This also happened again when he had a blue ball out in-front of him that he was playing with.

(/) HEALTH: Still sucking thumb, shaking head quite bit.

Week 3

Sunday – 12/21/2014
5th shot

(+) ALERTNESS: Eye contact is continuing to get better at times. While not consistent he is definitely holding his gaze longer and looking away and then looking back.

(+) SPEECH & LANGUAGE: In response to my telling him No, to not open the cabinet to get into the cereal, he replied “No”. It was more of an echo of what I had said but nonetheless he repeated a word I said. He may have also said “yeah” when I asked him to get lunch but I’m not 100% sure that is what he said.

(+) HEALTH: He used to bite a lot on his blanket but I haven’t noticed this lately. He actually seems pretty calm overall when we hand him his blanket carrying it around like a typical kid who was attached to a blanket. He has a behavior with hiding under it and bringing toys under it, but this is more of a fun play. He has us both (my husband, me and even Ean) join in “under the tent” time. When he does this with us he looks at us and smiles under the blanket and likes to hop in and out and have us pitch the tent for him. This is a positive engaging activity we all participle in. This was present before the shots however it is a much more engaging experience when we do it now as far as eye contact and physical communication.

(+) MOOD/EMOTION: Other than his spurts of hyperactivity andico-videojumping which happens approximate 5-8 times a day, he is overall happy and pretty calm.

(+) COGNITION/LEARNING: I have found he is coloring for much longer periods of time. Even sometimes choosing it over the tv if on. He is sitting for longer periods to play with blocks and has even been playing with toys he’s had around but hasn’t touched in a long time, gaining a new-found interest in them. Although when I try to have him speak to me, say “where is the apple”, “what color is that”, etc he often shows signs of frustration and withdraws. He will then ignore or rub his eyes hard. I also noticed that instead of grabbing the eraser for me to clean the chalkboard for him, he grabbed it and was trying to erase the board himself. Also, he picked up y broom when I was cleaning the other day.

(-) HEALTH: His ico-video1ico-camcheesing” which we haven’t seen in a while has made a comeback. Twice this week; once at the supermarket when he saw his favorite tv character on cereal (super why), and then next when his brother had a cartoon on and a boy character was on the screen. This consists of tight eye squeezing/squinting,and it looks like a smile but it’s not it’s just an upturned expression because he is squinting so hard.

(-) HEALTH: His gnawing on his plastic cuppy has gotten pretty bad, although this seems to be the only thing I really notice him biting on. This makes me concerned for his teeth which already are beaten up from all the thumb-sucking. Accompanied by the chewing is a high-pitched growling, almost like a cat or some other animal when he is unhappy with something else, however when he does this he is not angry or upset he is rather content and is usually followed by some of the stim like jumping. Also he’s been wanting to bounce a lot in our arms lately. This went away for a while before the shots but he’s been wanting it again, it isn’t too bothersome other than the weight it puts on the back, he is very happy to do this.

(/) HEALTH: Still sucking thumb, shaking head quite bit. He has been rubbing his eyes and sneezing a bit more the past 4/5 days.

Wednesday – 12/24/2014
6th shot

(+) MOOD/EMOTION: Becoming a bit more of individual. Knows a little more of what he wants.

(+) MOOD/EMOTION: He is breaking his bread up on his own a few times (rather than making me do it) and actually took a whole cracker and a small bite instead of trying to shove the whole thing in his mouth. Of course this was only once and he went back to the shoving but he at least tried a bite on his own.

(+) ALERTNESS: He is more aware of his surroundings. Last night while my husbands friends and cousins came over, Finn paraded around in front of the tv and looked at them all one by one in the face, examining them from about 10ft away. Normally he looks up then back to what he was doing, or doesn’t look up at all. He is however still comfortable with men/boys thea most women.

(-) MOOD/EMOTION: He becomes more easily frustrated, whining, cries for something, threw his hands out at me today because I couldn’t understand his desire for a truck he wanted. These behaviors, although not desirable, are tolerable.

(/) ALERTNESS: While at times it seems he responds better, overall it is still hard to get his attention when we call his name.

(/) HEALTH: Sleep seems to be the same, some days he’s right out others not so much The past two days, although tired he tugged us to go to his bed but jumped around nearly 1-2 hours before sleeping. He did not take two naps and took small 1 hour naps for the first two days of this cycle. This is the third day so well see how he naps. He did not wake at night for the past two night however, but again falling asleep was as usually jumping about 30-60mins to go to sleep.

Saturday – 12/27/2014
7th shot

(+) HEALTH: We just noticed that we haven’t really heard him humming lately. He used to just “hmmmm…hmmmmmm….hmmmmm” repetitively as a calming type of thing.

(+) HEALTH: He is eating more… He seems more hungry and also he is eating well. Initially I have to force a food to his tongue to taste it but then he eats an entire plate. For lunch he had huge bowl of mac-cheese a different then he’s had and nuggets, and dinner he ate a big bowl of spaghetti and meatballs.

(+) HEALTH:Grinding teeth noticeable gain but still not as bad and often as before.

(+) HEALTH: It seems some gross motor skills have been slightly refined such as when he eats he can now maneuver his mouth to pull any hanging pieces of food in, or hell use his hands whereas before it just stayed, he wiped with sleeve, or fell out of his mouth. He is also started raising his arms the past few days not only for hugs but when he jumps up and down he raises his arms too. It’s funny to see this new action from him. He smiles and laughs jumps and raises his arms.

(+) HEALTH: We just noticed he is using his peripheral vision more, looking to the side at my husband a he entered the room, or looking to the side at a pillow that was sitting beside him.

(+) HEALTH: First night of this 3 day cycle he slept without waking, 2nd night he was up doing the usual babbling and jumping. Woke up at 845am and has a  regular 1030-1145 nap in the morning.

(+) ALERTNESS: He will now run into my husbands arms to be lifted and held. He embraces us back and hugs us when we hold him. Before he used to sit back in our arms and sit straight up unless he was tired. He will now lay his head on our shoulder and wrap his arms and even feet around us now.

(+) COGNITION/LEARNING: He sometimes will do things we show him. For instance Ryan showed him how to spin a toy, I showed him how to pull pieces of a peg tot and he did both after. At bath-time my husband usually puts some soap bubbles on Finns belly and chest and finn likes to rub it in on himself. The past tow weeks he’s been gathering the bubble sup on his own and putting it on his own body.

(+) MOOD/EMOTION: He has been more cooperative with changing clothes, diapers.

(-) MOOD/EMOTION: He has been more impatient with his desires for toys, food, milk…

(/) SPEECH & LANGUAGE: Not much of a change just yet this week. He is babbling a lot. It sounds again lie he is maybe muttering words but we are unsure and it is unclear if it is intentional phrasing. Some times we swear he says “I got it” when we ask something like “did you find your book?” or “yeah” when we ask a question. It’s just without eye contact and he could be looking at the ceiling and say it with an odd inflection so we are not really sure if its coincidence, it just sounds like what we think or not.

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Week 4

Tuesday – 12/30/2014
8th shot
(+) SPEECH & LANGUAGE: Third day of this round, His babbling sounds a bit more like words at times. He has been looking at me a lot today after babbling small inextinguishable words.

(+) ALERTNESS: Eye contact although still inconsistent, at times is much much better. Even looking at me after a babble to get a reaction. Continues to look at us when a song is on that he likes.

(+) ALERTNESS: For about the past week he has been looking at his hands a lot. Flipping them over and back again and looking at them.

(+) HEALTH: Itching seems somewhat decreased from the incline we saw a week or two ago. I’ve been applying lotion on his legs at diaper time to help. This could also just be a winter weather thing…

(+) HEALTH: His appetite has increased starting about a week ago.

(-) HEALTH: The grinding teeth is back again on some days. Still not as high as is was originally but isn’t gone away completely (I thought it might be a few weeks ago).

(/) HEALTH: Still mouthing cup a lot.

Friday – 01/02/2015
9th shot

(+) COGNITION/LEARNING: He did a more difficult puzzle today at the evaluation. Fruit shapes and did this correctly. He also lined letters A-J and numbers 1-5 via flashcards and magnetic shapes i front of my mother-in-law and I.

(+) SPEECH & LANGUAGE: The last few days we have had family and friends tell us they heard Finn say words. In the morning this weekend when Finn found that mom-mom was there to get him, he pushed her hand away and said clearly “pop-pop”, we would have questioned it had it not been for the well-known fact that pop-pop is Finn’s favorite next to my husband and self.  Our sitter said when she asked Finn “want to see baby B (what she nicknames her son) today?” Finn replied, “B”. He has also sort of have been saying Yeah to random questions we pose, although his response isn’t entirely clear. I thought I heard him say “poop” just before smelling it the other day.

(+) SOCIALIZATION: Finn allowed the evaluator to give him crayons, hold his paper while he colored and also interacted with her by at east some small contact then called a few times and when being handed toys. He did not share or show, but accepted. Ordinarily he would have made us hold him the whole time he was approached. Although he was anxious at times he fought through it and played. See full story here

(+) ALERTNESS: He has been reaching for his fork and spoon to feed himself the past couple days instead of me handing to him.

(+) HEALTH: He sat nicely in the chair and colored. A few months before when he sat at a table at that office he put the crayons on the cold tile floor and peeled the papers off them. Today he sat and colored with different colors and even flipped the paper to color more on the back.

Week 5

Tuesday – 01/06/2015 (missed a day, I called a full week in advance but the shots didn’t come until a day late)
10th shot

(+) SPEECH & LANGUAGE: Although slowly, Finn’s babbling continues to improve. Today while changing his diaper, he very clearly said “do-do”. He has been saying “baby” a lot as well and “no”.

(+) ALERTNESS: This morning he responded pretty well to my calls out to his name.

(-) HEALTH: He’s been itching daily again. Still applying lotion. He wanted to be held a lot today but he has also got a little cold.

Friday – 01/09/2015
11th shot

(+) COGNITION/LEARNING: We didn’t fully see what the evaluators meant about Finn’s skills being scattered until tonight. He ordered magnetic numbers 1-10 and then as I recited them he looked back waiting for me to say the number! This is a tremendous breakthrough in comprehension that we’ve never seen before with him.

(+) COGNITION/LEARNING: Finn put the faceplate to the air vent in the floor back once I told him “No, put that back Finn” Instead of just dropping it he placed it back right away!

(+) COGNITION/LEARNING: Finn amazingly put Alphabet in order A-Z on his own and numbers 1-10 then as I began to recite the numbers he would turn around if I did not say the number right away in anticipation for me to say them so he could move on to the next number. See the video! ico-video1

(-) HEALTH: Itching has gotten really bad. He scratched his legs and butt all up and it’s bleeding.

(-) HEALTH: Teeth grinding increased the last couple of days.

Week 6

Monday- 01/12/2015 (LAST SHOT of trial)
12th shot

(+) ALERTNESS: Eye contact was great this cycle. He didn’t seem to drop off really yet this time.

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