MB12 Shots – 2nd 6 Week Cycle

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We’ve completed our first cycle and now were onto the second set of 6 weeks of MB12 shots. These are given every three days.

Keep in mind..

  • The new things that started
  • Things that become more frequent
  • Things that became more intense
  • Things the stopped happening
  • Things that became less frequent
  • Things that became less intense
Tolerable Behavior:
Increase of Stimming, hyperactivity, etc.

Intolerable Behavior:
Harm to self or others.


(+) Positive Reaction
(-) Negative Reaction
(/) No Change

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Week 1

Thursday – 1/15/2015
1st Shot

(+) HEALTH: Not much teeth grinding.

(-) HEALTH: Increases in some stims and some new ones. Rocking, Head dragging, Upside down play. Small biting.

(/) COGNITION/LEARNING: Continued interaction with letters and looking to us for recitals.

Week 2

Sunday – 1/18/2015
2nd Shot
Not much change to report

Wednesday – 1/21/2015
3rd Shot
(/) Not much
change to report
Less Stimming overall has occurred since we began Vitamins/Supplements (DRN Powder). I hope this result sticks around.
Increased length of eye contact. He has been more alert. More calm, and patient. His affection has increased even more (2x’s). Increased desire for interaction and play. See ‘A Cooperative Day

Saturday – 1/24/2015
4th Shot
(/) Not much change to report

Week 3

Monday – 1/27/2015
5th Shot
(/) Not much change to report

Thursday – 1/29/2015
6th Shot
(/) Not much change to report

Week 4

Tuesday – 2/3/2015
7th Shot

(+) ALERTNESS: Finn is continuing to respond better to noises and voices. Turning more easily towards them.
Finn has been grinding his teeth less again and has slowed don on the head dragging although I notice him doing upside down play lately. We bought a new cuppy the 360 lip to cut down on his gnawing. He was breaking the plastic spouts!
The last few interactions at social gatherings Finn seemed to be his own self. Occupied only by the tv and wanting to be held by us. I haven’t seen any progression in his desire to reach out to peers to play. He has encountered cousins boy and girl and has not shown any desire to include them in play. I felt we were making progress toward end of 1st cycle but the past week or two I haven’t seen any changes or improvement at all.
(-) HEALTH:  Sleep patterns are still odd, napping some days not others. Jumping in the middle of the night.

Thursday – 2/5/2015
8th Shot
Touching our nose now when asked.

Week 5

Sunday – 2/8/2015
9th Shot

Wednesday – 2/11/2015
10th Shot

(+) ALERTNESS: Finn helped me clean up this morning by putting markers in the bin.
(+) SOCIALIZATION: he walked right up to the OT today. He played in front facing her and handed and traded play-doh pieces. he had her make the alphabet for him.
(+) ALERTNESS: alertness with running around the house with daddy…Looking around corners for him. He’s been touching our faces and looking in our eyes lately.
(+) HEALTH: Finn’s sleep patterns have been more normal this past week. Taking half the time to fall asleep some night, taking 2-3 hour nap every day.

Saturday – 2/14/2015
11th Shot
Finn has become even more aware of his surroundings. He has been looking up at the ceiling and ceiling lamps in amazement.
Finn seems to be understanding commands a bit, “come here, let’s go, let’s eat, brush our teeth, bath time, come on.”
The purple circles around Finn’s eyes seem to have gotten a little lighter.
Finn for another night, slept good in the noon (2-3hrs) and slept though the night no waking. Probably about 6 days in a row now.
Finn is getting stronger. he jumps on his own legs now a lot with no assistance. He is climbing more, tables, and stools.
Not too much, he has been doing more mimicking. We do keep thinking we hear him say things, but it’s hard b/c they are not clear and is often followed by something that is babble.

Week 6 LAST SHOT of 2nd cycle!

Tuesday – 2/17/2015
12th Shot

Not to much more to report this cycle. There was increased activity, engagement, and eye contact. Not much speech and language growth from lats cycle. Now we move to daily shots.

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