Music to My Ears

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Finn is doing well. Fingers crossed it continues to only get better. I have been home with him since June 13th.

  • I’ve got him off the old nuby cups that he’d break the plastic with his teeth on. We’re using a straw cup now! Yay!
  • We’re also sitting down and eating at the table. Using a fork!
  • We’re staring potty training although consistency is the key and it is quite difficult to do 15 min intervals when I have to prep, cook, clean etc so I’ll have to find a better method.

puzzleWe’ve known that Finn loves music for awhile now. He has been obsessed with me drawing him instruments for him and coloring them. He would once in awhile pick the strings on the guitar or bang on the xylophone for very brief moments. Well we’re seeing a greater interest. he is drawing them himself. He is banging on drums appropriately and swaying to music. This became most evident when I brought him to Moozies Cafe. This is a nice little play center that allows appointments for special needs children. We booked 2 hours for 10 bucks and Finn had the place to himself.

coloringThe lady there turned on some music and put on the disco ball and Finn peered in from the door curiously but cautiously. She turned the music down a bit then turned off the ball. We went inside and sat down. I thought in my head “This will last a second and then he’ll escape”. Well she emptied a drum filled with xylophone, shakers, eggs, maracas, and other fun things. She started shaking them to the beat. He picked them up after her and mimicked. He shook the maracas too. Then the eggs, and everything she did. he would take them from her then he’d give them back to her to shake and he’d smile and bounce in excitement while sitting nicely in front of her. She was amazed at his interaction and said most children would not sit like that for her. It made me feel good. Her words, and too see him so happy to play with someone he didn’t know that well and feel comfortable AND not try to escape. 🙂

We colored, and did puzzles and had a great time…

Right now we’re at a sweat spot.

Somethings we are doing: Borellia, Dtap#1, Dtap#2, Yeast, Vit C, D, D3, K2, Fish Oil, Mag L Threonate, Zinc, Folinic, multi, mb12, swimming is salt pool, qigong. ALA DMSA 6.25mg. MB12 @5PM. Qigong nightly. Have been giving limited treats (chips, applesauce). Only 4 cups of supplements the rest when thirsty. 

Here is Finn playing on drums the next day at home since I realized he likes to do this now…


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