My Holistic Appointment

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Tonight I will be going to see a Holistic doctor in Mt. Laurel NJ. A few months ago I reached out. I was having many symptoms, still which I am dealing with. None very severe but enough to make a person worry. Enough to feel like I’m one of the people on Mystery Diagnosis that goes around to all the doctors in the state for help and everyone thinks she crazy but then one day she ends up in the hospital when some illness is so severe that it finally can’t be ignored.

Some of those symptoms, not all to keep some privacy:

I’ve had some of theses issues my whole life…

  • foggy mind
  • can’t concentrate
  • can’t focus
  • can’t remember
  • anxiety
  • white tongue at times
  • achy bones and joints (knees, ankles and wrists)
  • oral issues
  • itchy ears
  • itchy skin all over body
  • horrible migraines (more recently I’ve never struggled with this in my life)
  • frequent yeast infections
  • horrific acne (which I’ve never had before my whole life) during pregnancy and after for about 1 1/2 years until treated by oral
  • anti-bacterial pill prescribed by dermatologist.
  • I have deep jaw pain and muffled hearing (which a visit to ENT and dentist both cannot find issues with) started during pregnancy and still struggle with.
  • severe cravings for sugar ( I need to have it after every meal)
  • irregular cycles

Since these issues above my jaw and ear pain have subsided once I remove my mercury fillings. My concern now is since that seemed to alleviate some of my issues, what damage or levels of toxicity do I face?

I have sensitivities to dairy although my allergy test does not show this. Why?

I feel I may be deficient in perhaps vitamin D? How do I know.

I was once told by a doctor that I was anemic, nothing was done about it and never mentioned again by anyone. is this still an issue how do I know? My current family doctor seems to have no concerns or wishes to even look into any of my concerns. They never even called me to discuss any of my blood work!

Why do I always crave sugar? Do I have a bacterial growth issue?

Am I taking the right vitamins? Do I need to worry about calcium? My grandfather had osteoporosis, how do I know if I’m getting enough calcium?

Stay tuned for some answers and info about my appointment…

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