No Seizures!

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So our developmental pediatrician wanted us to rule out silent seizures a we had some concerns for some of Finn’s body movements.

IMG_3787Finn enjoyed the colorful sheets on the windows in the waiting room and played peek-a-boo through the glass at us both.

We went and it was hell holding him down and seeing him scream for 20mins while they stuck electrodes to his head. We waiting a long time to see the Neurologist. We found that most of the assistance didn’t seem to know that Finn had autism. They talked to him as if he was typical. When I told the first nurse she seemed a bit shocked. The next male assistant who weighed and measured him kept joking with him. Was this good? Does he seem close to typical but just without speech…

She looked Finn over and told us he didn’t seem to be having any seizures that most of these behaviors we’re most likely self-stimulatory. She said aside form him not talking that she felt he was pretty high functioning. This type of validation from the conventional world of medicine was a score for us. It made my day and made us both feel confirmed that we are progressing and moving in a good direction.

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