OAT Test

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So I haven’t been very active on my site lately. With every word of this sentence, I have never been so busy in my entire life. I have not had time for my friends, for my workouts, for relaxation, and even sometimes eating. Some days I can’t recall if I had breakfast or lunch. Sometimes I’m so tired I fall asleep while driving or while sitting up. I have been absolutely exhausted and there is so much to do.

We’ve made so many changes to Finn’s diet, supplements, vitamins, and schedule in the last month I wonder if we are headed in the right direction. I am a little worried how all of our efforts in pulling in extra resources will be taken by our DAN Dr. Neubrander. We haven’t completely followed his protocol once we found we needed to eliminate Yeast and some of his suggestions contain yeast causing ingredients.

Sadly as a follow-up to the Heavy Metals testing we found it is very likely that levels are not normal, but that bacteria and yeast are blocking readings during ART. Also in review of Finn’s OAT test we find he has so much yeast/bacteria issues that Nystatin alone wont help… Ugh I always feel like we take two steps forward and three steps back.

Looks like we’ll be adding Vitamin C and E. Good news in that Finn should be talking in a few weeks. By the 19th we should have some words! God I hope. Amino Acid is going to help us achieve that.






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