Oil Blend Tracking

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Oil Blend
Date: Dose#: Month #: Notes/Reactions: Dosage/Intervals
10/13/2018 1 1 First AM dose of Gcmaf & Oil – nothing after gcmaf, but after oil 1 hour in more alert, calm, attempting sounds first prompt/request. No new sounds but is trying more easily. 1,000ng & oil
(grain size)
every 3days
 10/16/2018 2 Second AM dose of Gcmaf & Oil – Still struggling with getting both under the tongue but it is getting easier to get it into his mouth. Finn is babbling more, and attempting to repeat us a little easier at times. He is calmer than he was last week. Less whining. He allowed therapist to brush his teeth (he usually only lets us). He initiated throwing ball for a about a minute with his dad over the weekend. He made me hold my hands over his ears with pressure for about 4-5mins yesterday. He has never done this before. He did not cry or make any sounds just started and had me do this. His has been waking up in middle of night 2-3am, but this started a day or two before our protocol so it’s something else. Hopefully the oil will help his sleep. “”
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