GcMaf Oil Blend Tracking

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GcMaf/Oil Blend
Date: Dose: Month Notes/Reactions: Dosage/Intervals
1 1 First AM dose of Gcmaf & Oil – nothing after gcmaf, but after oil 1 hour in more alert, calm, attempting sounds first prompt/request. No new sounds but is trying more easily. 1,000ng & oil
(grain size)
every 3days
2 Second AM dose of Gcmaf & Oil -Still struggling with getting both under the tongue but it is getting easier to get it into his mouth. He is babbling more, and attempting to repeat us a little easier at times. He is calmer than he was last week. Less whining. He allowed therapist to brush his teeth (he usually only lets us). He initiated throwing ball for a about a minute with his me over the weekend. He made me hold my hands over his ears with pressure for about 4-5mins yesterday. He has never done this before. He did not cry or make any sounds just started and had me do this. His has been waking up in middle of night 2-3am, but this started a day or two before our protocol so it’s something else. Hopefully the oil will help his sleep. In afternoon went to park, observed the kids, looked like he wanted to play, picked up the ball on his own and repeatedly threw and walked over to pick up again! Never does this. Speech said he did best ever with approximations sheet! Donna said bets ever with allowing teeth brushing. Not seeing a whole lot in tub yet.
SLEEP: Went right to bed Mon & Tues night.
BEHAVIOR 🙂 A bit calmer. No tantrums yet since last week.Seems happier.
EATING: Didn’t want biscuits so didn’t eat lunch 2 days.
BATHROOM: Hard lumpy poops a bit hard to get out but going 5-8 times a day
SUPPLEMENTS: Fish Oil, Inulin, L-Thenanine, K2, D3, Zinc, Mag Oil, A+++, Folate
2 Just Oil – Tantrum ysteryda and long time to fall asleep. Still better happier than last week but a struggle. Morning is easier now and he is opening up for the oil thankfully! Note: Flame is a rewar and blow out even if he doesnt say anything!
SLEEP: Took 1.5hrs to fall asleep!
BEHAVIOR 🙂 Babbling some.
BEHAVIOR 🙁 2 minute tantrums yesterdy screaming to take off shoes for trampoline. Wanted coloring sheets.
EATING: Seems to be eating more of his meals!
BATHROOM: Hard lumpy poops a bit hard to get out but going 5-8 times a day
SUPPLEMENTS: Fish Oil, Inulin, L-Thenanine, K2, D3, Zinc, Mag Oil, A+++, Folate
3 Third PM dose of Gcmaf & Oil – In evening tonight
SLEEP:  Seems better, stay tuned!
BEHAVIOR 🙂 He said “bye-bye daddy” yesterday unprompted b.c he was mad about trampoline. He was saying weeee ohhh last night. Los of babbling and sounds. 🙂 Playing with figurines in school.
BEHAVIOR 🙁 Still tantrumming. Flipped out of over not being able to go on trampoline w/o shoes/socks 🙁
EATING:  Eating normal
BATHROOM:  Still hard lumps, straining from about 3-6 months or so now.
SUPPLEMENTS:  Fish Oil, Inulin, L-Thenanine, K2, D3, Zinc, Mag Oil, A+++, Folate
4 Fourth PM dose of Gcmaf & Oil – In evening tonight
SLEEP: Still taking about an 30-60mins to fall asleep even on slightly increased dose.
BEHAVIOR 🙂 Is defienely babbling more, repeating us more easily! Last night was the first successful bath/speech therapy. Yesterday was the first day he was able to pt togetehr two syllables of word Ex: Ti-ckle. We have been working on this for 6+ months! Doing puzzles a lot this weekend.
BEHAVIOR 🙁 Still tantrumming, but seems less, and more back to normal. This is not related to this protocol. This started shortly before we feel it is related to his zinc/mag leveols and also parasites. We started Diatomaceous Earth since full moon is Wednesday. We added zinc and will be adding oral mag orotate once that comes in. We’re just doing the mag oil for now.
EATING: Rigid, not eating his normal amount on Sunday
BATHROOM:  Still hard lumps, straining.
SUPPLEMENTS:  Fish Oil, Inulin, L-Thenanine, K2, D3, Zinc, Mag Oil, A+++, Folate, Diatomaceous Earth (started today)
7 Skipped a few GcMaf notes. On 7th dose..
SLEEP: Sleep still same.
BEHAVIOR 🙂 Babbling continues. He is now waiting for eye contact to say Bye to people, sometimes repeating it for them to say back w/o prompting (after first time) First bye requires prompts at times. Tantrums seems to be slowing. Seems to be getting over frustration easier, back to normal almost with his tolerance. Our boy lasts all of trick or treating. He uses his device to say “trick or treat” and “thank you”. He was happy to participate. He did ok at Halloween parade as well. It was hard to get his attention the first run, but when they came back around he looked at us and smiled and said hi! He is getting better at his attempts at talking during light/bath therapy. He is starting to figure out he needs to group sounds together for words.
BATHROOM: Still hard lumps, straining.
SUPPLEMENTS: Fish Oil, Inulin, L-Thenanine, K2, D3, Zinc, Mag Oil, A+++, Folate, Mag Orotate,
8 8th dose of Gcmaf & Oil
SLEEP: Sleep as of this weekend has improved in how quickly he is falling asleep 10-12mins.
BEHAVIOR 🙂 Seems his almost back to self with frustration and tolerance. Increased eye contact. We practiced on fields for soccer for Sunday game. He was able to stay focused on the goal of running the ball to the goal. He kept at it and we played for about 30mins! Long time for ball play. He lay with us in the field and cuddled with grandparents this weekend. Even with us which he usually doest last much longer than a minute unless very tired. He sought us to sit comfortably. He is listening a bit better to story reading. Zinc may be helping but he seems a bit less anxious and is not using his chewy tube now which we got for his teeth grinding which has dramatically decreased. At teacher IEP teachers confirmed they have seen much improved in the past couple weeks. He is taking his medicine like a champ!!!! We feel he knows it is helping him. Our son has never taken his medicine easily, it’s always been a struggle and well this oil is not a pleasant taste. When we say time for medicine, he comes right over first call sits in front of me and leans back. We say lift your tongue and he does (to the best of his ability). Never in my wildest dreams did I think that 3 x’s a day this kid would willingly take a thick black oil in his mouth with no fight or complaints. He seems to be revisiting items from his past. Becoming reinterested in things he had previously but did not use. For example – a peppa pig seek and find book. Before when kicking a soccer ball around with him, he would just kick the ball after prompts but never with any meaning or direction. You can now say score a goal and even if he is 20 yards away and it takes a few minutes. He will work until this goal is achieved. He has always been a child who has enjoyed his tickles but usually would move on after that. I feel that my cuddle time with him has gone up. He also laid with my mom and dad over the weekend. Which was great to see. I started to make a new meal for him. Its Cinnamon Raisin Banana Bread. He really enjoys it and after clearing his plate he requested for more by trying to say the word “Bread”. He usually justs requests with a loud “Ahhh” sound. Which sometimes means all done and sometimes means more please. He is using the word “Bread” was amazing to me. Taking
BEHAVIOR 🙁 He woke up two nights in a row in middle of night. New Moon is approaching. We will start DE back up on Monday until Friday.
EATING:  New food! Banana bread
BATHROOM: Increased Inulin he is taking more bm’s with less strain but too many now 10 times in one morning so we’re slowing down inulin.
SUPPLEMENTS: Fish Oil, Inulin, L-Thenanine, K2, D3, Zinc, Mag Oil, A+++, Folate, drops, Gaba, Milk Thistle
11/15/18 12 12th dose of Gcmaf & Oil (skipped a few logs)
SLEEP: Sleep at last New Moon last week was not good. He was up in middle of night and some nights taking 1-2 hours to fall asleep. We gave DE as instructed for the 5 days surrounding the New Moon. This was given in day time. We will give at night during next cycle-Full Moon. Sleep is better now that we are in between phases which strongly leads us to believe that it is parasite related.
BEHAVIOR 🙂 As of the past week, language has been at a gradual but steady increase. He is babbling the most he ever has. He is making new unique and varied sounds. He is repeating more. He is imitating with words. Our son is finally using coarticulation. We have been working on “tickle” since June and he has just not been able to figure it out. He can do da-da, bye-bye, pop-pop, but when those sounds don’t repeat repeat he struggles to put them together. Last week he finally started to figure it out with a “ti….kle” with a few seconds in between and as of yesterday it’s only a second in between. We’re closing the gap! He even said “sto..p” today when hearing the word in a therapy game. This shows us he is starting to understand how the words break down and how to put them together! He is trying to piece it all together and you can tell by looking at him and his repeated attempts to get the sound out that he is trying and this is new and amazing! The first time since a year ago when in backseat and I said “Hi” and waved to him through the mirror in front seat, he reciprocated. It’s been so long since he’s done that. He is using his device to speak on his own, not only when forced to during therapy. he actively seeks it more for communication now. He pressed the therapists name when we were in the waiting room, waiting to be seen the other day. He does not use this device for anything other than requests! He also said, “Eat downstairs” on his device b/c he wanted to watch show and finish his dinner. This is communication! Bath sessions are getting better as well. He is paying more attention and repeating.
BEHAVIOR 🙁 Teeth grinding and hyperactivity was at a high for 2 days straight on Tues and Wednesday. I’m noting that he had Library and Music those days in school. The music room’s level of mold is questionable. Is this related? He will not use the chewy tube anymore to soothe his anxiety and teeth grinding. He only allowed this for about a month or two. We tried for year to get him to to cut own to grinding. For some reason he does not want it anymore now : ( We are giving zinc so maybe he doesn’t feel the need to chew which would be good, but not sure what to do about grinding unless again parasites come to play.
EATING:  Tried green smoothie – absolutely hated it b/c it was green.
BATHROOM: Bm’s are a just as much 7-10+ times per day. Not runny, but not greatly formed. Sometimes light brown – probably due to almond flours. He is still straining a bit as well. I pulled back a tad on inulin past few days 1-1.5 tsp to help his tummy.
SUPPLEMENTS: Fish Oil, Inulin, L-Thenanine, K2, D3, Zinc, Mag Oil, A+++, Folate, B12 drops, Gaba, Milk Thistle
11/30/18 17 17th dose of Gcmaf & Oil (skipped a few logs)
SLEEP: Except for New/Full Moons sleep has improved! Going to bed 10mins-30mins most nights.
BEHAVIOR 🙂 SO MUCH PROGRESS!!!! Picking up my son now for therapy, he smiles when he sees me and opens his arms wide for embrace (this used to happen sporadically). The teachers are astounded at how much he is talking and how well he is doing! His speech therapist is in shock! They are all saying “it came out of nowhere”, “it just clicked”, we quietly cry with happiness inside as we know while all the therapies help the real mvp is the stuff we’re doing at home. It is so awesome to hear the validation of what we are seeing from others who have no idea what we are doing. Except for his home based therapist, she sees us administer the oil and has said she fully believes what we’re doing is why we are seeing this turn-around as it blew up shortly after starting and there isn’t much else to blame for it. He has no moved from adding syllables to multi-syllables with help and some on his own and is also doing so short phrases!!! We’ve been such an emotional mess crying, laughing, grateful and overwhelming emotion. He is using his headset and this morning recited the abc’s with us but this time at the end he sang “abc’s, and me” part of the end. On the way home he sang along B-I-N-G-O to the best of his ability. He joined his cousins for Xmas photos and interacted a bit sharing coins to toss in the fountain did a WONDERFUL job sitting them the entire time switching spots for santa pics! He found a spongebob ornament and “repeated “bob-bob”! We have played match game a few times and he is doing well with throwing/catching ball at 2ft away. When we arrived at therapy he said “Bah-Duh” to the office receptionist, and we both didn’t know what he was saying. I figured just babble, but then he pulled out his speech device and typed “I want Brenda” – this is his therapist we were at the office to see. 🙂 Miss Brenda says at this point, he may not need a device in five years and sees strong indications he will have good functional language in the near future while conversational may be difficult but not impossible!!! It’s so hard to believe we just pray and hope with all our being that this continues to a point where we can truly interact without having to coach every sound and where he can eventually have friends and expand and explain to us all of the things he has been wanting to these past 4 years or so…
BEHAVIOR 🙁 Teeth grinding and hyperactivity still a bit high but WE’LL TAKE IT with all these gains! In school this week after adding some A+++ and calm EO he has been much better with focus than last week.
EATING: Still picky but seems to be eating more of the things he likes. Even signing for more and sayig “More”.
BATHROOM: Bm’s are a just as much 7-10+ times per day. We removed banana and cut down inulin so we’ll see where that goes.
SUPPLEMENTS: Fish Oil, Inulin, L-Thenanine, K2, D3, Zinc, Mag Oil, A+++, Folate, B12 drops, Gaba, Milk Thistle, Mag Orotate
 12/8/18  Saying More and ALl DOne on his own wiht no prompting at all just to talk. He is saying Yah for yay he finally is able to say Ma-ma he repeats a few times to get it right on second compound. He kep poiting to SPongebob and patrick for me to tell him the names so he could repeat after to leanr them. He heard me teling ryann and he went and grabbed the bag later on in the day and showed me the bag. Reciting abc’ every morning. Tice Me is vey clea rnow! He is saying No at times as well.

More (Moe)
All Done

Hi (struggles with the H still abit) but gets at times
You (just started getting thi this morning)
Come (he has sai a few times now on own.

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