Qigong For Autism

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So I don’t want to get ahead of myself but I have been doing qigong massage on Finn for about 4-5 days now. I do feel we are seeing benefits. Each night I do about 30-60mins of massage before bed of the movements below. I have found that he is allowing me to clip his nails more easily. Has been more aware and alert, is trying to use more sounds. He did wonderfully in Occupational therapy today. He has never been compliant. He screamed and cried every time and the last session was the worst ever. He would not lay on his belly for me or anyone else. He screamed and lay on the floor. Stood at the door to leave and grabbed his shoes every session we have been there.

Not today, he listened to the therapist when she asked him to get the ball, cleaned up, looked at her an smiled, got on the platform swing and laid on his belly for her. He looked when she called him about 80% of the time. He followed her lead in a tumble ball game. He clapped for happy and you know it and I was just so happy!



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