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I cannot express enough how much the women and mothers in this group have helped me. I have learned much more quickly than I believe you could in any other way. I could read a book, articles, and talk to friends but the amount of information and  the time I need it in is unparalleled when compared to this group. I feel like Ive had  a crash course in Post Autism. These mother’s empower me, keep going, and put my mind at ease. For those who feel alone on this, who may not have support or enough of it, I encourage you deeply to join this forum:

Recovery Kids Facebook Group



From this Forum you will learn about other groups; RK Village, RK Recipe, Fight Autism and Win, Andy Cutler Think Tank, MTHFR Gene Mutation, Trying Low Oxalates, Histamines, Copper and Magnesium Deficiencies and more.

Join these groups they are a life saver. They are the help you need that you can get nowhere else. You can trade valuable information with those that have been through it already and we can all get the biggest bang for our buck by trading info learned from other docs since we’re not getting any financial assistance elsewhere.

A wonderful mom has been helping me better understand the neural pathways. She reviewed our paperwork and suggested something and even enlightened me about things I had no clue existed.

This is an awesome article about the balance of GABA and Glutamate. Our son has excess Glutamate most likely since he has an extraordinary memory, can learn easily and fairly well cognition. His speech and language is very delayed which can make this evident. Anyhow, we are starting GABA Spray, Lithium Orate, L-Thenaline, MTHFR Support CBS Kidney Support, SAMe and others. We plan to help out his methylation cycle and keep him on the 4 basic supplements and supporting before we begin chelation soon. I will add links to these products shortly and will be cleaning up some of my pages in light of the new info I have learned in the last 6 months.


With just a few days of some of the cycle support Finn said “butt” lol (Tuesday), and No Tent to daddy on Wednesday. I hope with the balance of GABA/Glutamate and increase of Lithium to hep with our b12 transport will see increased speech soon. Plus chelation should be the kicker.

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