Such Subtle but Important Things

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As I call out from the other room and enter, he is still looking for my to enter. This is paramount, most days I have to call him in a very stern voice several times. He is looking up more easily. He perced his lips for daddys kiss. Stayed long in the pool. He is listening better and looking up more easily as called. He let me wipe his arms and hands with no pulling away.

His excitement when family are gathered around him. He jumps up and down so happy. His art skills have improved wonderfully. The chewing on shirt has lowed a bit, but “side eyes” have returned and some odd head shaking but this is most likely the reintroduction via homeopathy.

School is saying he is making approximations and sounds mmm (yum) or ppp (please).

For 4 weeks we saw gains finally (then 1-2 weeks some regression) is that b/c he went back to school, is it b/c yeast flared??? We’re getting back though we took a week off chelation to help battle yeast issues.

It’s hard to say what our next step is… Stay the path, try Michelle protocol, HBOT? We just want to keep seeing gains…



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