That Time Again, for Dr. N

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So tomorrow we go back. We check up on Finn’s daily shots 6 week cycle and now Ean’s tri-daily shots first week clinical.

I have to say I am shocked at the changes we have seen in Ean in the last week. He really seems to be happy overall, talking more spontaneously to us, sharing more of his stories and experiences, expressing himself (even if through paper letters to us), he seems more in touch… He asked Ryan to play hockey wiht him and Ryan even said his wrist shot improved almost over night!

Finn is continuing to do well, he said Meow Meow after being asked what does a cat say to the training videos were doing. He is really growing patience at times and learning anticipation.

I get so excited the night before we visit Dr. N. I just feel so much closer to recovery because we are addressing issues. I am nervous about Fragile X results, although I feel Finn does have it, I am curious about Ean’s MTHFR panel results. If Ean doesn’t have the mutation I don’t know what that means… We will also get Finn’s allergy test results so we can see if we need to remove yeast, soy or anything else form his diet to see more benefits.

Answers answer answers, I can’t wait!

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