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So it’s been sometime since I wrote. Life has been hectic. We sold our home and have been living with family and are due to settle in a few short weeks. Since then some discoveries have been made. I also feel we had a really good over the summer. Here is a quick outline.

1) Diflucan to kill yeast (This always helps us with bm’s and eye contact).
2) Borrelia for 10 weeks one vial once a week (I saw more awareness and better response).
3) Homeopathy for DTAP and Yeast (For the first time this feels like a good intervention plan for us). We start getting some imitation (following lead with instruments, sounds, etc).
4) Qigong nightly (After only 1-2 weeks Finn was allowing OT to put hands on him, he allowed “tummy-time”, he was more cooperative and less avert to touch).

—- at this point things were really looking up ——

5) HBOT 30 sessions. This created a huge yeast flare and we saw some regression. Did we gain comprehension with this this? Once the yeast flare went down with another round of diflucan (10 days) then a more aware, understanding Finn emerged.
6) Homeopathy Candida and Yeast. At first didnt see much here but towards the end of the 6th week Finn’s bowel movements have improved by being more consistently close to normal. He is going to sleep pretty normal. He does wake and jump around New and Full moon BUT we have been able to tell him “Finn go to sleep” to stop the jumping.
7) Bone broth, store bought, EPIC but I see more clarity when given. This may prompt me to do GAPS.
8) PROMPT we will see how this therapy works for Finn.


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