Another Therapy Evaluation

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We are currently apart of a study and therefore I can’t release details at this time but we are getting a third therapy and I’m glad we are.

During the evaluation for that service, Finn pointed to apple and banana, he matched ball and cars and other cards together! I didn’t even know he knew how to do that!

There a small tantrum when we had to put items away but got over it quick…I wonder sometimes is this just the 2.5 year old terrible two spoliedness in him  or is this frustration due to lack of communication? Its hard…

When reciting colors the other night finn waiting for me to say yellow and even did a for of gestures, he raised the card to show me what he had to let me know he wanted me to say yellow. This is the first time hes ever done gestured like this before. Progress is so slow but coming…I’m hopeful help with diet will get us to a better place.

He also said hi to me while on the bathtub in response to me saying hi… he looked me in the eye smiled and said it a few times 🙂





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