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Accordion Tube Sensory Toy
Accordion Tube Sensory Toy

Today our O.T. had the pleasure of meeting my husband and met Ean once again as we were all off for Good Friday. The beginning of the session was fine She pulled out a sand drawing board that Finn enjoyed very much, They sat 10-15minutes quietly and played. He used her hands to write for him and push the wipe away switch. Then he started to push it himself.

She brought out the accordion tube which he enjoyed as well. He pulled it out a couple of times.

About 30minutes in our hour session he started to gripe for daddy and started to get anxious and want to leave the room. he then started to cry and then scream and it was bad. The worse we’ve seen him. he started to get like this last week too.
I figured it out, The O.T. has been coming at 11:45 instead of 11:10am so its when Finn eats lunch then naps. Today after the hour was up he didn’t even want lunch he grabbed me and made me bring him to bed. Poor guy, well have to do therapy when Finn is eating then napping .. I will have to talk to her about earlier time…

TIP for the Day:

Clean up toys once done with each item in order to establish Beginning Middle End sequencing…


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