Conventional Therapies Tracking

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Read through list below of the positive and negative changes our son is experiencing during his conventional therapies…

Keep in mind..

  • The new things that started
  • Things that become more frequent
  • Things that became more intense
  • Things the stopped happening
  • Things that became less frequent
  • Things that became less intense
Tolerable Behavior:
Increase of Stimming, hyperactivity, etc.

Intolerable Behavior:
Harm to self or others.


(+) Positive Reaction
(-) Negative Reaction
(/) No Change

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Week 3

Thursday – 2/5/2015
Developmental Internationalism
Aware of therapist
Finn allowed me to leave and played with therapist without me present.

Friday – 2/6/2015

(+) ALERTNESS: Better response to therapist.
(-) MOOD/EMOTION: Finn allowed touch but retracted and wanted me a bit.

Week 4-5

Thursday – 2/5/2015
Developmental Internationalism
Finn wast very much interested in anything other than getting me to put the tv on. Not a very productive meeting.


Month 2

Friday – 4/17/2015
Finn’s social skills are slowly imprivng. he offered a cup to drink for the DI, and offered cup to baby doll. Creative play. He is giving more eye contact and requesting things from the DI.

Finn is learning how to clean up. Finn can now feed himself!

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