Developmental Pediatric Evaluation

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So yesterday I got a call. There was a cancellation at the Developmental Pediatrics office and rather than a May/June appointment we could be seen today!

Success! This long anticipated meeting was finally here and now we could get the official diagnosis. We met with Dr. Kruger who was a very kind and soft-spoken women. We met for about 2 hours and discussed Finn’s behavior, history and she also did some interactive tests with him. She handed him a puzzle and reversed it which he did, she tested if he would mimic her play with the car or stack. It was determined that Finn landed on the 10-12 month marker as far as development. Close to the 6-9month we received from the Speech and Language people.

She reiterated that his skills were scattered, having knowledge to do advanced level puzzles but not participating in typical social interaction expected of his age. She recommended that he see a Speech Therapist twice a week if possible and also a Behavioral Therapist. By the sounds of her description, to me it sounded like Behavioral would be the most beneficial, although they are all important services. I knew by the way Finn is only motivated by the things he likes and that trying to leverage that area of motivation towards a foundation of learning would probably be the best method for him.

Finn did not look up at her much but did interact by taking items from her and allow her to offer him toys to pay with. He was very good and although tired and hungry he toughed it out, going to the door a few times for an exit, but not freaking out or forcing us to leave. So with the official diagnosis and recommendations we move onto the next step… adding more therapy.


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