Feed the DI!

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Today was a great therapy session. Finn is pretty at ease with Heather. We played with wooden shape puzzles, and farm animals, and even his friend the accordion tube. Heather brought out the picnic toys. She showed him how to feed the baby doll and how to stir up the pan of “food”.

We couldn’t believe it, Finn copied her. he stirred the pot after her. He fed the baby. Then what almost made her cry was he shared his cup of “drink” with her. She said “his social skills are improving”. I was so happy to hear this. It validates everything that we have been seeing with the mb12 shots. Of course the therapy is helping too, but since starting the daily shots the positive changes we have seen have been wonderful!

I wish we’d pick up next week, same spot, but well be at Dr. N’s on Thursday!

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