Gemiini for Non-Verbal Kids

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Each day Finn’s eye contact astounds me. He stares right in my eyes for 10 seconds or more now. He looks at my while I change him, while he jumps, while I talk and point to things. He is doing wonderfully. He is still not as progressive when it comes to outsiders. Although he is more comfortable with the therapist and family, he still isn’t the Finn we see everyday. He is more quiet less excited. I can’t say that either therapist have sen him smile. Well the OT did when she same and Finn at the highchair and we were singing. I hope he opens up more…

So a tip from my mother-in-law and my husbands brother in laws mother, brought us to this site. It is a mother who started video training turotials for her two autistic children who are doing well

We have high hopes so I will be posting my review shortly on it… We started one session tonight but Finn was tired so we only got half way through. We will be doing three sessions a day, everyday and see how it goes.

Check out the video!


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