IEP – First 30 day review

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  • Finn is looking more easily when called.
  • Eye contact is getting better.
  • He is starting to point.
  • He is able do his schedule putting times in the box as needed.
  • He is using others hands to get things
  • He smiles a lot of the day
  • He gets paints, coloring, drawing when he does his task
  • He is showing improving with joint attention
  • He sways to music a music time
  • Excellent at complex puzzle
  • Loves, foam block pit, huge round red peanut ball on stomach, he likes light table
  • Climbing playground


Needs improvement:

  • He is pointing but w/o purpose
  • gestural cues are needed for directions
  • Needs to work on goals more needs more time so continuing goals
  • Working on pointing with intent
  • Eye contact
  • Needs assistance with stairs
  • Will work on throwing catching ball, standing one foot, hopping, skipping. Think he has ability.

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