Mom, slow down!

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So today mommy learned a lot. The way I’m talking to Finn, apparently will help him get nowhere quick.

So Finn had a bad melt down today, he seems to be having trouble with coping with the end of activities. Anything from counting as we go down the stairs, to the letter z ending the alphabet. Once we get to the end he cries and gets upset. Hope we get through this b/c it effects a lot of our play.

tubeHe was upset about a puzzle we did and ended. Funny enough though he screamed and cried as he helped put the pieces away. We did get much done in therapy today. I don’t think he is entirely comfortable with our OT just yet either. Anyway so we did play with a snapper pop tube today and it was great. I’ll be gettingĀ  a set soon. You hold one end while he pulls the other. It makes a great sound when you pull it that gets your attention. We also et go once he pulls so he works on his stomach muscles to balance.



Tips of the Day for Mommy:

  1. Speak more slowly. I’m talking way too fast for him to understand.
  2. Simply your words, not just here and there all the time.
  3. Don’t ask so many questions. When making commands, don’t ask “do you want to do this, or that?” Say let’s or say the adjverb.
  4. When making commands, only call once if possible. Calling multiple times will eventually cause him to phase you out, or you become white noise. Make a command like to “come: and if he doesn’t physically bring him to you.

Goal of the week

Work on pointing.

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