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Today was our second meeting with our Occupational therapist Daffney. She is a wonderful person, very friendly, down-to-earth, I thin things are going to go well with her.

Our first meet last week was basically the same as with the DI we sat on the floor, myself within Finn’s reach he went to me often with his anxious eyes and wanted to be held. She reached out to him to see his response he let her touch him at times. She brought over a great toy with sliding shape characters. Finn was intrigued. This meet was quick but an intro.

Today was great! Finn was having a good day. he was pretty attentive. He gave her some eye contact, allowed her to rub his back and touch his feet. She brought a board so he could color and puzzle pieces to put together, which he did correctly.

Some good points of the day…
We tackled eating today… Currently I fed Finn most of the time. He is fully capable of feeding himself but often he scratches his face when holding a fork and I get nervous and now that we are adding vitamins to certain items I don’t want them to end up on the floor. So I need to be smarter about it but if I want him to feed himself I have to consistently have him do it on his own. It’s so different from with Ean, these were not obstacles. It takes adjusting, I guess sometimes I just expect hell eventually learn certain things. He is so smart, I mean he is not even 2.5 and he can do his whole alphabet and line up 1-10.

Anyhow, so she stood back to his right and held the edge of the utensil so he felt and believed he was doing it all himself. He scooped the cereal with a spoon humming in delight the whole time and smiling occasionally.

She told me when I am trying to get him to imitate keep it simple. I have been drawing circles and letters and shapes. She said this will cause frustration for a parent. She said the expectations is for him to mimic just strokes. She showed me “zip” across the board and down down down. I tried it and Finn did it too right after me!


A tip of the day

Daffney pointed out that to help break down words for Finn, when saying simple phrases to touch his arm to the beat of the syllables. Mom-my = tap tap, Dad-dy = tap tap and so on.

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