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We had a more full week of therapy(two DI & one OT)  than usual due to some make up sessions.

Updated P.E.C.S. board
Updated P.E.C.S. board

Both made mention of Finn’s improved eye contact, which was good to hear that what I had noticed was being validated without me saying anything. They both mentioned his big beautiful  blue eyes lol.

He looked so much at the OT when she got here he bent down to look into her face at which point she laughed and said “do you notice my highlights, my husband doesn’t even notice them!'” We played with a lite-brite and when cleaning up the pegs and showing Finn he put away multiple pieces for us. He even sat down when asked to from OT!

When playing with the playdough, he even tried on his own form watching us to roll the dough in his hands. Which is great to see this mimicry.

The DI said she will from now on spell the words Hi and Bye as she leaves and made some suggestions for my P.E.C.S. board which I updated.

His patience has grown tremendously! We noticed how he was able to sit the whole time and play with the dough. He is sitting with me even up to 4 books in one night. He sat with his brother and watched tv, lies back and lets daddy tickle for extended period of time, and is with daddy now nightly on the row machine! 🙂

Some Tips from this week…

– When playing, try and do sequencing… Beginning, Middle End. (pull out toy, play, put toy away)
– Enunciation consonants
– Try the lavender dough before bed to play with.
– Get book:The Sensory Processing Speech Disorder Answer Book by Tara Delaney
-Continue Sensory brush

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