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Images of some items we encounter daily

So I decided to make my own kind of P.E.C.S (Picture Exchange Communication System). Instead of using the typical Pecs images you might find on Google I decided to use my own custom ones that would related to Finn. Images of items he was familiar with from around our home and his daily routine.

Self Laminating Sheets

So I snapped some pics of his blanket, crib, diaper, cuppy, cereal, things like that he may want or need at any given time but can’t communicate to us. I printed the images and laminated them via pouches and my laminator. I’ll tell you that laminator allows for so many diy projects!

I’ll have to pick up a magnetic board and adhere some magnetic stickies to the back of the cards. Then I can mount the board to our wall. Check back in. I’ll post progress on how it turned out and how well Finn does with this new medium.

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