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So as I said I’ve been supremely busy and haven’t had much time for online tracking. I have been keeping a log of Finn’s diet but have been working hard to remove parasites and yeast and on top of my full-time job and therapy assignments I have been overwhelmed.

Finn has been making great progress, I feel putting back the oral Glutathione ha been big. We took it out originally b/c there was concern that it may contribute to yeast, but upon investigate it contains Potassium Sorbate which battles east. So we decided to put it back in since Finn’s  Glutathione is so low. This is important key to allowing mb12 to work properly and we feel we’ve seen a  positive change immediately with putting this back.

He pointed outside so we could go back after we came in. He has never done this before. He has pointed to letters  up close in the past as they were recited but never pointed as  a form of communicating something he wants with us. He also repeated I love you this morning to me!!!! it was not clearly spoken but it was 100% I love you! It was wonderful! I swear he said “maybe” the other day when I asked if he pooped. He said bye to the therapist a week ago and the last 4 days he has been better at allowing me to form his hands for signage. He even half did a sign himself once.

Progress is coming slowly but surely. God I hope this Amino Acid really helps him talk! He brings us shoes to put on our feet and is understanding a little better each day.

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