Psychological & Social History Eval

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We had a very alert day… DMG/ALA/PhosChol(finally putting in “oatmeal”/Nystatin+ParcD’Arco? Not sure if combo of all or not but had a very good day of eye contact and interaction. Now he has been wanting to strip naked for the past 5 days and play but this is common with yeast. We’re back to the footed jammies but small price to pay for keeping him dry and sleeping.

The evaluation went well. We went upstairs and answered questions until I was needed to assist finn from attempting to leave. He did not display anxiety though much He played with a barn, colored, played with blocks and shapes and looked the little people book.

He was brought a pink ‘old school’ phone and after me showing him how to use it he became delighted and kept having me answer the phone and hang it up for me. He must recognize it from Peppa Pig (his new favorite show). He was so happy and smiling and looking at the teacher back and forth to me. We even grabbed our old one of the wall so we can play at home.

He continued to babble most of the day. He has been responding to my commands more. Getting the blue crayon or turning around when called. I’m hoping that this behavior continues. I think treating yeast is key for us.

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