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We had finns evaluation and he did wonderfully today, better than expected. On the waiting room. He played with and ice cream puzzle and tools puzzle. He whizzed through both and then the evaluator tried to take him to the room for testing but once he realized he was holding a strangers hand he got upset do we accompanied him. The room was plain and blue but there was a table with colorful chairs and the room had good light and was comfortable temperature. I felt like he could think clearly here. This is the type of environment I want to provide.

DSC07963He stacked the colored blocks on top each other all these to the top and I’ve never seen him do that just a few then line them up. He stacked the color circles on the wooden peg as he should have. He played with the farm animals. He was handed a windup frog and he smiled at it and tried to catch it and looked for it as it fell of the table. He picked up the bee and flew it threw the air pretending. He did this for a few mins and returned to do it later which I could tell my husband felt equally as warmed by this. He was given s plastic teddy bear and was shown to feed the bear and he did! A few times too.

He has definitely been showing more creativity over the past month. He made a seesaw out of block and even animated it. He no longer does just straight up and down lines in chalk or when drawing. He makes circle and swirls and ziz zags and sues many colors too now.

He did wonderfully! It has been a good week 🙂 We had his Exit Review for EIS and that didnt go as well but I think FInn was too distracted in our home.



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