Second day of DI

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On the second visit, Heather our DI stated that Finn was more tolerant of her. Again I accompanied her through the entire visit. Next week we will try to see how things go if I leave the room for a little bu and gradually increase that time each week. Finn grabbed me a lot to be held during this meet. She did pick him up and he wanted out. She thought he did a good job overall. He faced her and played rather than away from like last time. though he took toys from her and he even stacked the toy she brought.

Next week we will also try interaction in the high chair. This is where Finn reacts the best because he is forced to be in a face to face position.

A tip of the day

Connecting phrases: Establish a same phrase when speaking to Finn to help provoke speech and understanding. I see a chicken. I see an apple. I see a bear I see… By using the common phrase “I See” consecutively and each time we play an identification game it…

1) When trying to promote understanding, shows Finn that the important word is the different/changing word in the phrase “I see a dog“.

2) When trying to provoke speech,  saying “I see” may provoke him to say the identifier… ex:dog.

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